Who missed me?

As summertime has rolled around, and I have all the free time in the world, I've read more blog posts then i'd like to openly admit too. and it often leaves me feeling inspired, so why not try blogging again? (no guarantees I actually keep it going this time...just like every other time I've tried)
last blog post was back in September, almost a whole year ago, and oh so much has happened, so i'll fill you in through photos.


hope walk




dance company, drill, studio, and solo rehearsal's, performance's, and competitions. lets be real here, majority of my life is spent dancing.


the holidays. which also included getting my wisdom teeth out 2 days before christmas. talk about disappointment when i couldn't participate in our "christmas eve dinner at in-n-out burger tradition"

 a first birthday party for little miss paisley fox. what kind of a party would it be without a temper tantrum from the birthday girl?


nationals in flordia. a vacation with my best friends, lots of dancing and tons of sun in febuary? awesome. disney world IS A DREAM. we stayed in a Disney resort and i was on cloud 9. plus, harry potter world was magical (literally) the butter beer was more then delicious, dr. suess world was the quirkiest and so fun. it was just heaven. a disney filled heaven.

a spontaneous adventure to st. George with my 3 best friends. you can call us the fab 4 because it's always a drama free time with us, and we're closer then you could imagine. who knows how we survived a whole 4 days alone with no supervision. but it rocked.

easter sunday

prom of course. besides front flipping off a four wheeler, then having the four wheeler come down crushing me, breaking my helmet and possibly giving me a minor concussion, prom seriously rocked. i had the best date and the best group.

 harry potter spirit bowl. my day at hogwarts then better then i could've ever imagined. something about wearing my little brothers church shirt, a tie, a navy skirt, calf socks, and little white converse made me wish i went to a private school with uniforms. i had a half wizard half upper  east side gossip girl feeling all day and it rocked.

lastly graduation. such a bitter sweet day. just like last year, all my best friends are seniors, especially all the dance company and drill seniors. i'm so close with all of them, and i don't even want to think about next school year without them all, but i'm so excited as they get on with exciting things in their lives.
until next time friends.

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