But seriously, I swear only yesterday she was a young zygote.. And just p.s. she's the prettiest baby ever. 


la da di da di.

to those still reading this post after looking at the tittle: one thing about me is, i don't open up very easily. i am super out there.. and crazy.. and not afraid to embarrass myself.. but when it comes to reality, i am personal. there's about 3 people i can actually talk to, and who will ever actually hear how i really feel. This makes blogging hard. I cant simply just sit down and write about my life, and how things are going, and whats new, and how my day was. but ive found i often have things to say, and things i want to write about, things i would love to post on a public blog. ive tried so many times to be better with blogging, but ive failed to make it happen. so for now, im resulting to a private blog, perhaps one day itll be public, but for now.. check back here every once in a while, ill still try to bring this poor thing back to life. 
And just so you're aware of what's gone on that you've missed out on...

I spent a lovely week end in st George for the baseball tournaments. i visted dixie rock a few times while there.

I traveled to NYC with my most favorite girls 

Prom. Which was already documented. But let me remind you, it was lovely.

My cute sister got married. I was digging the photo  booth all night. plus pais made the cutest flower baby.            

I become licensed. At last. 

Some of my greatest friends graduated. Most bitter sweet day. 

A week at efy. Some Bordem came, and resulted in much of this. 

Girls camp. This photo will sum up that experience. 

Trek. Sack racing may of been the highlight for young corn. 

Lots and lots of days with him, too many of the greatest memories and adventures occurred this summer.
After all, he is a rather handsome lad. 

A lovely trip to the family cabin. Which involved cosuming plenty of treats and riding four wheelers.

And Homecoming, which brings us to today. and ending a post like that sounds a little dramatic, so peace out homies.