For months I dreaded the thought of my sophomore year ending, no doubt it was the best school year yet. As sunmer got closer, the more upset i got. but i'm tan now. and life is good. Summer has been way way better then I expected it to be. It's going by so slow, but I'm not even complaining. I dont want it to end now. With drill I'm up every morning at 5:30 and ready to go work hard, and I love it. I may not love my early bed time, and I might not love it when my alarm goes off, and I might not love the workouts while I'm in the middle of them. But I come home, I feel great, and I still have my whole day ahead of me. I would chose 6 am practice over sleeping in any day. I really enjoy snoasais, I really love watching the first season of keeping up with the kardashians on Netflix, and 7 peaks still rocks my world.  Life is oh so swell. I just need a job, and money. Then life would be even more swell. The one direction concert is in a little over a month. I've got to get me there.