do one thing everyday that scares you.

a couple weeks ago in dance we all went around and decided what our new years resolution - as far as dance would be. as i thought i decided mine would be to 'put myself out there more' whenever we get a turn sequence and they say 'if you think you can do this come to the middle of the floor, if not go to the back.' i immediately head to the back. but i decdied this year im gonna try and be confidant, give it all a shot. because who cares if i dont hit it? im there to practice and learn.
it was then i also decided, not just with dance but with life in general my resolution is to put myself out there. thats it. the only resolution im making. i see everyone posting about how 2012 was 'the best year of their lives' and how great and memorable it was. but for me on the other hand, all i can say is my feelings towards 2012 are 100% different. but i look back and wonder why. its because i wasn't commited or willing to trying new things, i would rather sit home and read on a friday then go make new friends. Id rather not talk because I worry about saying the wrong thing. But in 2013 I just want to remember that pretty much anything goes, I don't want to hold myself back. I wanna put myself out there and not worry about screwing up or what people might think, i wanna make new friends. hang out with new people and not worry about the awkwardness of it. Because looking back I know 2012 could of been so different and one million times better if I wasn't so shy and kept to myself all the time.we're working on it, and i hope itll change all my perspectives this year. wish me luck, because putting yourself out there isnt always easy.


paisley fox hill

Paisley fox hill, born December 31st 2012 at 6:54pm weighing 7.8
Being an aunt is so great, this girl is so loved.


waiting waiting

watching her in the nursery.

first time seeing her up close

first time holding her

head of dark hair.

daddy and his baby girl

getting ready to go home from the hosptial!

first of many visit's at grandma and granpas house.
we adore her.


Lots of snow and ice everywhere we go.

such a great Christmas Eve and Christmas. Enjoy it through my pictures.


christmas drives to the soda machine to get diet coke.
so happy about the white christmas we had.

favorite girls.

iphones for christmas. yay!

we had a fun time with face juggler.
naps with my girl of course.