christmas break has started out simple. baby sitting last night for sunny and dash. two cutest little boys. their closets are full of stripped baby boy leggings and h&m cardigans, sometimes i just wanna grow up get a diamond on my finger and have little babies of my own, nothing beats a baby sleeping on your chest, even if they are drooling all over you at the same time. i just want a baby of my own. but until then ill keep babysitting these two weekly. and in less then a month ill have my little niece paisley here. after babysiting was ginger bread houses. the movie elf was playing in the background and we were just spending time together as a family. this morning was spent listening to justin biebers first ever album and cleaning, i miss the old justin, and being partically productive feels really good, i didnt up at 7:30 this morning to go running like i should of but it'll start tommorrow because i already ate enough sweets and food yesterday to last me the rest of the year. tonight is temple square with the family. simple chill days like this are what i live for. the fact the snow is slowly dissapearing is not okay with me. i want this break to be full of snow. guess what? im getting new glasses. soo which glasses should i get my perscription in?

too cute right? im pumped. happy holidays fools.



thanks to jade here goes the liebster round 2:)

the facts about muah
1) in elementary school i was a basketball playing pro.
2) i finally gave into my mothers wishes and read the first harry potter book. its a new found love and obsession. i plan to finish the series.
3) my kitty makes me so happy. she is such a pretty girl.
4) my favorite class in school is health. i could spend every day with the fabulous mrs. jones.
5) i hate trashy unclassy disrespectful highschool kids. not a day passes where i dont think of punching at least six people in the throat.
6) jason reeves followed me on twitter. thats whats up. if you haven't heard his music check it out. like now.
7) i want a baby. right about now. but i guess i can probably wait until im married.
8) im listening to the backstreet boys right now. they are just as good as 1D. just not as hot.
9) remember that one song cest la' vie by B*Witched? i listen to it five times a day.
10) new panties make me happier then new pants or new shirts.
11) i have nothing else to say to you.

questions from jade.
Christmas songs before thanksgiving- yay or nay?
yes. i listen to christmas music all year round. but it for sure has a different happier feeling during christmas time.
why do you blog?
honestly, i dont know. i just really like it. so for myself i guess. even though i suck and blog once a month.
if you could only have one, would you choose the phone or the ipod? why?
the phone. i couldnt live without my phone. and there is other reasons to listen to the music.
other than "in my sleep", how would you choose to die?
something exotic. like a bear attack. something people would remember.
what has been your favorite age in life? why?
fifth and sixth grade. i was such a little brat. BUT i was so happy and enjoying life. kinda sad how that worked out right? haha i sound so awful. its better not being a brat.
what's your latest music obsession?
okay. it sounds gay to say one direction or taylor swift. but they both have had recent albums released that im not quite done listening to on replay yet.
do you dream in 1st person or 3rd person? and what's been your favorite dream?
\first person. in my dreams i see it all through my own eyes. so that is first person right?
favorite Christmas tradition?
i do love going to pick out our real christmas tree every year. and i love our family movie every christmas eve.
monty pithon and the holy grail- Dumb but funny or just Dumb?
never seen it. my apologies. ill get around to it. but i do have a dumb sense of humor. so i would probably love it.
favorite female and male actors?  
rachel mcadams. she is so fabulous and beautiful. and this one will sound so cliche, but honestly any movie with zac efron is sure to capture my attention.
best trait in the opposite gender, why?
honestly personality. if he is a gentleman and respectful ill probably love him. also someone funny who doesnt take life so seriously. if he finds me hilarious rather then immature and annoying he is a keeper. and what can i say, i love an attractive face on a young lad as well. who doesnt?

and im tagging no one, so ill skip out on the question asking. peace out homies.