the lovely vikettes.

can i just say i love drill.
its hard work. when my alarm goes off every morning at 5a.m. i dont always want to get up. my bed suddenly gets warmer and more comfy. when im at the high school sweating and dancing hard i dread knowing ill only have 15 minutes to fix hair and make up and freshen up. usually i go to my next class bright red hotter then ever and still a bit sweaty. sometimes its hard giving it your all and not pleasing your captains or coaches. its awful cleaning the same eight counts over and over again while your brain is nodding off and you know you could collapse right then and there.
i sacrifice a lot for drill. like sleep. looking my best everyday. comfort. only having to take one bag to school instead of four. but every last bit of it is worth. 
its really time consuming. and it takes a butt load of dedication.
but B1 is still my favorite class period. and drill is still the highlight of my life currently.
honestly. drill is what keeps me going every. single. day.
in the past two weeks we had five performances. and i love nothing more then performing.
i am so privileged to be dancing with such amazing and talented girls.
i wouldnt trade this team for anything.



i would do my 'tribute to summer post' but it would just be depressing and talk about how i have no friends and all i did was sleep. so ill skip that.

on to the first day of high schoool.

it was scary. i didnt get lost but it was scary. much better then jr. high though. if only i had lots of friends school might even be cool. 
so heres to making friends. wish me luck.