how sweet it is to be loved by you.

my favorite thing in the whole world is to watch random peoples wedding highlight videos like this one.
they just make me so happy.

not sure if its okay to admit that i literally started crying when i watched this. i had literal tears on my face, im not even exaggerating 1%
this will sound so so cheesy. but they are both just glowing. you can just tell they are both so so happy. and its just about the sweetest thing in the whole world.
hopefully hopefully hopefully one day ill have a love and wedding as sweet and this..

p.s.i found this video from this post on utah bride blog. (check out the post! the few wedding pictures up on it are so cute!)


so much more then just a band.

im two days late. i apologize.

but this past monday. july 23rd 2012  (8:22p.m. to be exact) marks the two years of one directions existence. it was a fabulous day. and i couldnt  help but think of them the whole day through. the amount they have accomplished in the past two years is unreal. and im not just saying this because im a fan and im expected to. but in all honesty they have been so busy and have done so much! plus the progress they've made makes me just so proud. i just love my boys.

and i couldnt help but watch this one million times throughout this whole week. sometimes i get chills when i watch it. 

and one more thing i would also LOVE if you read this post. indy seems to write my thoughts and words down better then i can myself. so nearly every post ill just give you a link to her blog so you can get a better understanding of what im trying to say.



so ill admit. i totally was not excited about efy.
but by tuesday night i loved it. and i miss it so much now. best week ever!

rooming with my best friend brianne.

getting locked out of our room.

spending time with these girls.

having the best group ever - 'unified in faith'

pizza night!

stalking only the hottest boy ever. we called him 'satchel boy'

writing satchel boy the creepiest love note ever only to start our friendship. he liked the creepy note. and then i learned that his name is abram. how cute is that? oh and there is joe too. he is a funny one.

meeting fantastic friends.

meeting ANNE. i swear she is secretly a bird. she was probably the highlight of the week.

then going to dennys for breakfast to end it.

this week will be missed.

p.s. blog redecorated. how do you like it?


meet mable.

let me tell you a story.
i think im hilarious. and i love cats.
ive always wanted a kitten, but of course my mother hates cats.
so i came up with this genius plan. i would find free kittens, save up money to buy litter, a littler box, food, ect. and see how long i could get away with keeping a cat in my room.
then one day i found out my friend paige's cat was going to have kittens. i was so excited.
a few months later her cat had given birth and raised her kittens to about 8 weeks. then i could finally take one home.
so i got the kitten. bought its stuff. hid it in my room for a day. my mom found it. i laughed. she said we could keep it for two days. my whole family fell in love. and a month later she is still here.

so meet mable.

her likes
shoe laces
sleeping on my bed
playing peek-a-boo
pouncing on my face in the middle of the night
stuffed animals
chewing on my ears in the middle of the night
hiding under any small spaces
sitting on my head
falling down the stairs
doing back flips
twine. and yarn.
climbing up anything and everything
country music

HAHA jokes on you mom. cause she is still living here.



hooray. olivia has given me my first ever blogging award.

The Liebster Blog Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The Meaning; Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.

1. one must write eleven facts about themselves.

2. answer the questions the 'tagger' has set for you. 

3. provide eleven new questions for the people you tag.
4. choose up to elven people and link them in your post.
5. inform the 'tagged' of this prestigious award.

11 facts about me
1. i secretly love reading.
2. i've never had a bloody nose in my life(knock on wood) lucky lucky me!
3. i may appear shy. but im a total spitfire.
4. im a directioner. die hard directioner.
5. i havent watched sytycd in the past three weeks and i can not find any website to watch past episodes at. i am going CrAzY.
6. i HATE carnivals. all i can think about is puke at them. im super scared of puke. i wont go anywhere near a carnival.
7. im like a little mom to my cat. i literally cry when she is hurt or scared. you think im kidding but im not even 1%. and my family makes fun of me. she really is my little baby.
8. im going to buy another webkinz this week. i miss them so much.
9. my summer has consisted of movies and napping with mable.
10. i really love hsm. i could watch it all day long. and every single soundtrack makes me happy.
11. i dont handle scary movies well. yet i love watching them.

olivia's questions.
one) favorite type of cheese.
one of the white kinds.
two) if you had to eat the same cereal every morning for six months, what would it be?
three) who was your last text message?
brianne moon. i like to call her branagain.
four) what car do you think is the ugliest?
hummers are gross.
five) what is your favorite breed of dog?
changes every time im at the pet store. last time i saw a really cute palomachi. whatever that is.
six) who do you admire?
my mama. and her mama.
seven) what is something you want to accomplish this week?
GET MY TAN BACK! and pack for efy. and go running a lot.
eight) if you could eat anything right now, what?
well i just ate some waffles with huckle berry syrup from yellow stone and whipped cream. that was delicious. i would eat more.
nine) what is a cool / cosmic / odd dream that you have had?
not sure if were talking about lifelong dream, or like a sleeping dream. but once i had a dream i had a pet possum, and i also had a large zip lock bag of 35 sleeping hairless kittens. it was creepy.
ten) what are your favorite pair of pants?
high waisted green skinnys. they look like the pants that are worn in the help.
eleven) what do you like on or in your pancakes?
cinnamon sugar and powdered suger on top. grandmas homemade maple syrup is delicious too. but i havet had that since second grade.

my questions for you.
1. what does your typical summer day look like?
2. what is your favorite breakfast food?
3. whats your favorite flavor of gatorade?
4. do you think leggings can be worn as pants?
5. peeta or gale?
6. what is your favorite color to paint your toe nails?
7. the musician you cant get enough of?
8. your future wedding dress?
9. your dream vacation?
10. favorite chick flick?
11. twitter or facebook?

im awarding.....


summer lovin havin a blast.

ive been busy the past few weeks with our action shots, head shots, team pictures, my brothers wedding, the parade, drill camp, girls camp, and now working at the firework stand.
but i do have the month of july off for drill though, which means staying up late. no early bed time:)
so during that time i will try to blog more.

first off i must say my brothers wedding was FABULOUS. seriously the cutest ever. which ill save for another post.
and drill camp was beyond exhausting... so this july break is needed.
and working at the firework stand is boring.... until you make it fun.

we danced on the side of the road.

we went into wal mart to advertise.

and now i need your opinion for something.
drill case.

picture one.

or picture two.

or picture three.

i know picture two and three are pretty much the same. but your opinion would be lovely.