please, oh please.

chalk by lovely lexi.

indy wrote the story unlike i ever could.
so if it the last thing you do please read here and here for more details about our one direction trip.
they are long posts. i know.
but i swear, they are entertaining and worth reading.
so get to it.


you keep making me weak - yeah frozen and cant breath.

 its been a whole month since i last blogged. im really sorry. sometimes there is too much to say and too much to write so you dont even know where to begin and you just put it all off.
but i think i should finally get back to it again.
id love to tell you about my overall summer, but there is far more important things to write about.
like last weekend - one direction concert in vegas. dream come true.
ill make this short and brief. well as short and brief as possible.

so me and my sisters always show up early to concerts. its just a must. so we got to planet holly wood around 3 or 4 where we found a line of teenage girls next to a bunch of tour buses so we joined them. we sat there for hours in hope of the boys coming out to meet fans before the concert. sadly enough they did not. BUT we did spy zayn up on a balcony. and i almost died. he was looking so cute - and he did ignore all the screaming girls which was sort of upsetting. i wish he would of at least waved. but oh well we got a nice view of him.

then around 6:30 or 7 we went to get some dinner in planet holly wood and went into the show. they had two opening acts. 'camryn' was obnoxious. but after she got off stage while we were waiting for the second act we hear girls starting to scream we look over and see five boys walking through the crowd of girls with security guards. we freaked out and we see the boys are headed out to the hallway so me and heather sprint out there only to realize they were set up to trick us. five boys dressed up like 1D. but it gotta say from far away we totally thought it was them. i totally made eye contact with the 'niall' of the group. we were with arms distance away and it was super awkward. totally wish it was really them. how amazing?

any how the other warm up was olly murs was so cute and so charming. but of course i just wanted to see my boys. for real.

and when they finally ran on stage i about DIED. those boys have never EVER looked or sounded so good.
honestly voices were 10000000% better then on there CD. and louis looked so mature, so cute in person. and harry kept flashing his charm and giving us that amazing smirk of his - peed everytime. because he is my man. and zayn was  really quiet. he wasnt really talking much, but yet he was looking so sexy. its zayn? how could he not be looking sexy? and niall was being SO cute - they way he was acting. he was just so happy. and so lively. and liam was smiling the whole entire night. its incredible how you could just tell by him being on stage and performing how much he loves what he does and loves his fans.
they were smashing.

the night went by way too fast. they were looking way too amazing for me to handle. i just honestly couldn't figure out how they are even real people. its not normal or fair. i've never seen a group of more talented boys.

one highlight of the night was hearing niall laugh. live. in person. okay - CUTEST THING IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD. i'd pay to hear that again.
also just seeing the boys interact with each other live in person. its surreal. and so cute. couldn't love them more.
i wouldn't of traded that night for anything.

anyways this was a lot longer then i expected. ill end this with some photos of the amazing night.

planet holly wood. where it all happened.

finding zayn.

he was obviously really enjoying the one direction concert.

for more photos look here.