happy & exhausted

it crazy to watch dreams finally happen. i remember back in third grade my older brother was in high school and he had a bunch of friends on the drill team, he came home from a drill preview one night and said 'courtney you should be on the drill team in high school' i didnt know a thing about drill except that it was a dance team. so of course i said okay yeah i wanna be on drill. i didnt even really think about what it really was til eighth grade. and then after eighth grade it suddenly came so so fast. i remember this year just going to drill previews and being in awe at all the talent. (remember the last part of this post?) and i just couldnt imagine myself on the team.
i still cant.
but hey, maybe reality will hit me soon.
im on the team.

early morning practices started this week. getting up at five is rough. and conditioning is rough too. after all this running and such ill have a rockin bod though. so itll be okay. and i know my technique will sky rocket as long as i keep working hard.
i already am loving it. and im so excited to learn choreography. and just for the rest of this year.
couldnt be more grateful for this opportunity and for my healthy body that allows me to dance.
life is good.


birthday post.

so my birthday may have been on april 18th. which was two weeks ago. but better late then never right?

day started off good, getting ready with my best friend.
we love each other.

then spent majority of my day at dance company auditions. but what better way to spend my day then dancing?

came home to open presents
received nice things like an adorable new back pack, money, gift cards, and clothes galore.
one of my favorite gifts was this sweatshirt...
too perfect right?

and then we ate some beautiful cake.

i love birthdays.