shes got a big heart a pretty smile a beautiful mind.

1.post rules of the game so no one gets lost.
2. post a photo and 11 random things about yourself.
3. answer questions that were given you by tagger.
4. ask some questions for those you tag to answer
5. tag some people to do this all over again.

facts about me:
1.boy bands are my thing.
2.sadly i could live of carbs.
3.hsm rules my world.
4.dancin is my passion. (i think that rhymed)
5.i wish i could sing.... but i really cant.
6.style is real important to me... and my style is pretty much different then everyone elses. i get stares at times.
7.im kind of a real creep... and im just insane. but i love life.
8.im going to drive an old beat up truck one day.
9.i get real creative when im bored.
10.wish andy milanokis was my bf.
11.i've got jealousy issues. but you'd never guess. i never publically show it.
questions from mardi:
1. what is your favorite animal?
cats. i use to love them as a joke. because all the cool people like g. anderson liked them. but its because a serious obsession. i dream of having a cat of my own.
2. who is your hero and why?
my grannybird. without a doubt. (my moms mom) because she is hilarious, she makes me smile at all times, and she is so chill and laid back. i love her more then you could know.
3. what is your least favorite food?
meatloaf. even the name is gross.
4. if you had one day to live what would you do?
run around naked!
5. if you could morph 2 animals together what would they be?
chicken and kitten. obviously. i already have drawings of chittens all over the place.
6. what is your favorite song?
crazy but true. cody simpson. check the post title.
7. what is your biggest fear?
being burned. by fire. sounds so painful.
8. if you could only say one sentence the rest of your life what would it be and why?
"your mom" cause its obviously hilarious. thanks india for that one.
9. what is your favorite number?
perhaps 3.
10. what bugs you the most?
when people chew with there mouth open. or just make unnessisary noises when eating. or when people play with there feet or just touch their feet then dont wash their hands... its just gross.
11. are you a night owl or an early bird?
hands down night owl.
questions for those tagged:
1.if you could be anyone for a day who and why?
2.favorite t.v. show?
3.if you could eat one thing the rest of your life what would it be and why?
4.in your opinion what would be the worst way to die?
5.your fashion inspiration?
6.favorite one direction boy?
7.greatest talent?
8.most embarrassing moment?
9.if you had a cat what would you name it?
10.if you could have any pet what would it be?
11.favorite type of shoe?
i tag: anyone and everyone.
hope your not too bored by this:)


my new boy knows the way i like it, he's got more swagger then you.

okay. so this blog is a  complete mess. im working on it. im considering deleting that 't.g.i.f' post. everytime i look at it i want to puke. obviously i need to take time into my blogging/posts. or not blog at all. but anyways, first off i am proud to announce some exciting news to you all. remember this post? yeah my love for those boys is stronger then ever. and i was so depressed when they had no tour dates for utah. so me and my sister decided we will be road tripin down to vegas early june to see these boys. words cant explain how excited i am! yay for one direction.
next off. this weekend i will be in logan. solo on friday, team dances on saturrday. gotta love me some competition!
on that topic.... dance company tryouts are in a few weeks. drill tryouts in a little over a month. keeping my fingers crossed! please wish me the best of luck.
oh and this past saturday was my first time at the festival of colors. we had a good time.

we love to creep and dance.

may i also mention he is cute? cause he is.

sooo the hunger game books? LOVE the first and second. feelings on the third are iffy. im torn by the ending... but if it went the other way i would still be torn! hmm... so difficult.
waiting ever so paitently to see the movie... its gotta happen soon!

oh and one more thing.
vote for my sister:)

p.s. i hate highschool registrations.... so gald its over with.
and i hope this post wasnt tooooo boring.


blast from the past.

okay.... im like five years old i swear. but im actually really in love with gap.... KIDS.
yes they go up to size 18. my 21 year old sister could fit into there clothes.
birthday in one month.... all my birthday clothes may or may not come from gap kids.. nbd.
if you would like to buy me some cute pants for $30 let me know and ill show you the ones.
thanks much lovlies.

p.s. one directions album UP ALL NIGHT was released in the U.S. on tuesday. ohhhh im so in love with it. after being out for 20min. the deluxe version was number one on itunes. the regular version was number two.
soo there real big? its cool.



card i made for chanelle. everyone loved it.

chanelles birthday pary was this friday. extreme air sports was the place. super super fun.

back to her house for ice cream. which i couldn't eat. weeks of self control ends tommorrow. yay for eating chocolate and desserts and candy once again.


right now im lookin at you and i cant believe you dont know. you dont know your beautiful.

one direction.. my new love!
can you seriously watch that and not be in love?!
especially with harry edward styles?
i swooon.
can we all just marry him right now?

there all cute. its okay.
to top it all off there accents are beyond adoarble?

now go watch that music video one more time, or maybe two more times and continue on your blog stalking. i promise you wont ever get sick of it.
ive watched it at least seven times today and five of those have been in the last hour.
the sad thing is im not being sarcastic at all.


all is well.

a little over one week left and feelin so good.

we love ridin in the back of trucks.

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hope my summer will be this good.

two weeks until the first solo competition. wish me luck.
last week had a hip hop competition. took first and high point. yay!

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almost passed out seeing these.
someone PLEASE buy them for me?!

i brought party hats. we like to celebrate justins birthday.

died seeing this.

i love my puppy. and my sister.

life is swell.