switchin it up.

since its valentines day i spent an hour reading all the new updated blogs. lets only blog on holidays, good idea.

spaghetti tacos. i did try. thanks icary for the good idea.
i hate speghetti, so when my mom made it for dinner i decided i would make it a little more original.


happy valentines.

i hope you had red lips today at school

and i hope you made cute valentines for your grandmother.

im off to the lady antebellum concert. dont be too jealous.
make sure to spread lots of love today.



does anyone else still read 'the friend' magazine during sacrement meeting instead of listening? i sure do. those stories are the greatest.
did anyone else go to the midnight premiere of the vow? when i went i felt slightly lame. here is me and brianne hair all ghetto on top of our heads, sportin no make up, leggings and big hoodies. we walk into the movie theater to see teens with there make up and curled hair and lacey tops.
all i have to think is, there is absolutely nothing wrong with me, whats wrong with them? i sure wasnt planning on seeing anyone important there, or going home and still having to get ready for bed. oh girls these days.

two weeks ago me and my father went on a nice date to los hermanos. (yes i did just google that to make sure it was spelt correctly.) oh how i love my father. i cant think of a better way to of spent my friday night, one of my friends asked me if it was awkward. i was puzzled. im so glad i have the relationship i do have with my father, because it wasnt awkward what so ever. i love talking to him and i love all the support he gives me through all my descions and goals.

these past two saturdays have been my lazy days. i have liked these lazy days. no need to get ready, no need to go out with friends and be concerned of how tired i would be the next morning.
i like chilling at home, getting things done, spending life on hulu, and wrestling with my sisters.


this weekend.

great start to my weekend.
thursday night. midnight premier of the vow. i cried. more then once. it is fine.
of course sleeping in my cozy bed instead of being in math and science was a plus as well.
and after school i decided a warm bath sounded nice. so i took one. 
i think it may just be a new tradition.
these past two weeks have been harder then i could explain. 
but really, im doing good.