the new addition to courtney hill.

lately i have had this obbsession with reading. i'm not sure what has gotten into me. but all i do know is i like the 'reading me.' this break - besides being with friends - what i typically have done is read. it makes me feel so much better to read when im bored then get on the computer. and whats better then reading a nice romance novel??

 this book right here.
black heels to tractor wheels.
 i loved it.
such an adorable love story. makes me swoon.
 makes me want a cowboy too.
i for sure reccomend it.
molboro man is a charmer. thats for sure.
as soon as i finshed that one i could wait to start this one.
dream when you're feeling blue.
placed back in the 40's. about three sisters who write letters to there men fighting in the war.
lets say i would stay up all night reading this book, and the morning the first thing i would do was pick this up and read for an hour. i loved it. something about it kept me so interested.
well that was until i reached the ending. lets say i erased elizabeth bergs ending and wrote my own. because her ended SUCKED. i was almost shocked i wasted my time reading it.
but my advice to you. still read it. because it really is a fabulous story. just skip the ending.
just having finished it this morning i think back to it and want to start reading it again.
oh how i wish i lived in the fortys.

this is the third book i read over the break. i read it while chloe curled my hair. it was 47 pages and there was hardly any writing on each page. i loved it.
next book to read?? the hunger games. yes, i still havent read it. simply because this whole reading thing is new too me. its fine.

p.s. enjoy this song. i love it.


its the most wonderful time of the year.

^or it was?^

let me just say, my christmas season was fabulous! im sad its all over, and im sad the break will be ending soon. i might cry when i have to go back to school. but anyways to the point. let me tell you a little bit about how my christmas went.

santa hidden behind the one million girls.

santa brought me lady antebellum tickets and tickets to see beauty and the beast at capitol theater.
i was over joyed.
i also got some clothing, and shoes, and make-up, and jewlery, and chocolate, and some movies. typical.
i enjoyed church christmas morning and a nice nap later that afternoon.
spending time with family is always the greatest.

p.s. have any of you seen 'we bought a zoo?' if you haven't put it on your list of things to do. because it may just be a new favorite movie.


it's written in the sky tonight.... someones watching over me.

yesterday *december 21st 2011* marked one year since my familys roll over crash. truth be told there was angles watching over my family that night. they all walked away from the accidant. it turned out way better then it should of and was expected to. my dad had the worst of it with a broken collar bone and stiches all over. nothing compared to what it could of been.
can i say? we are so truely blessed. my family is everything to me.


life is obviously been busy. considering its been almost two weeks since i last posted. and we all know i obnoxiously post every other day. which is probably way more then any of you can actually keep up with. but lets just say, this past week was really long. but its ok because its finally christmas break. and so far my christmas break has been wonderful. the only sad part? there is zero snow outside. im praying for a white christmas.
 girlfriend christmas party this wedenesday. you better believe im extremly excited.
sorry i lack any interesting topic. but i just wanted to all know... im still alive.


"remembering harder times"

so i love nienie dialogues. if you dont read it, you should. today as i read her blog i came across this post. read it. maybe you'll love it as much as i did. stephanie nelson is an amazing woman. i admire her sooo much.

and i feel i need to add another comment. when i watched the cmt's me and my sisters fell IN LOVE with luke bryan. he is too attractive. i had heard him before and liked his songs before. but lately i've been listening to him more. when he comes on the radio and i turn it up real loud and my mom asks me if it's really necessary. and let me tell you, it is.

this song?? on repeat.


outta here:)

remember how just last week i was a brace face?
excuse the creepy picture. keep in mind my sense of humor is wide.

well i'm happy to say. i no longer am :)


cheers to the freakin weekend.

this weekend has been fabulous. friday performing at festival of trees then eating at chipotle with my mama and dad. and of course having a nice long chat with karina later that night. i love that girl.

notice the picture below the horse?? well there was the saddest story about those two little girls. this was my favorite little set up there. and the tree had peacock feathers in it. too cute.

saturday i performed at BYU.. insane every year, but still fun. it only took us half an hour to find our dressing room, but during that time i walked past some man sprawled out on the floor talking to himself. thats always nice to see.
i think he was actually stretching??

after i got home from byu i was just chillin on my couch when suddenly brianne and macayla walk into my home. no warning. nice suprise. we later ended up at macaylas. and it was a fabulous night. not really sure what to say about it. so ill show you through photos.



those pictures of me in the sweatshirt... slightly confusing? well my legs were in the arm holes of the sweatshirt. but my head was still wear it is normally suppose to be. if that makes sense? it looks extremely creepy and hilarious when i try running while wearing that nice ensamble. don't worry i am planning on sitting on someones door step in that.