just when i thought it couldn't get much hotter, i caught glimpse of the farmers daughter.

diggin the new blog?? yeee me too. lets thank her, yes my lovely sister. she is kinda really swell at decorating blogs. thats why i gave her the job.

full house is a favorite show at my home. today lexi mentioned a really cool point about it, there is an older sister and a younger sister, the younger one dances and the older one likes horses. perfect right? just like me and her!

so you heard all i was thankful for, wanna hear about my actual thanksgiving? it sure was swell.

it was and ugly sweater thanksgiving. new tradition?? yeeee.
it was nice to be with family and cousins. their fun, because they don't judge you. they just love you for you.

one year i'm hoping to finally go black friday shopping. i'm hoping next year.  

after thanksgiving it's finally time we can let christmas start. (but we all know it started for me when justins album came out.) so it seems everyone just gets fake trees? honestly, i don't see the fun in it. one of THE best things of christmas is the fresh christmas tree in my living room, making my house smell like fresh pine. it completes the whole christmas feeling. saturday we went as a family to pick out our tree. with out fail always a fun experience. it makes it an even better experience when justin comes to help your family out.

last comment.. saw footloose saturday. fabulous way to end the break. i loved it.
maybe cause it has a little somthing to do with loud music and dancing??
just the two greatest things on this planet. they give me complete happiness.
oh and must i mention the extremely attractive man in that movie?? cause he was divine.

oh and i lied. that wasnt my last comment.

i long for snow boots that look like this. i won't wear them only in snow. ill wear them everyday. honestly?? they are too adorable.


what if you woke up tommorrow with only the things you thanked god for yesterday?

i'm thankful for my dad and my mom. beacause they support me through everything. and im so greatful for them teaching me about never giving up. once upon a time i was in sixth grade and i had made the cheer team, i didn't know any of the girls and i was shy and i was a flyer and it was really scary for me. well i would bawl and beg my parents to let me quite. but they said i had to finish the year, turns out i loved it. those girls became some of my greatest friends, and even though flying can be extremely scary it is so fun. i did cheer the next year too. and the next year when i decided i'd rather dance then cheer i cried because i missed cheer so much (but im happy with my choice, i would be 10 times more sad without dance) honestly everytime i've wanted to quite something and i cry but my parents still say know it comes out better and i'm so glad they've taught me not to quite, not to give up. for sure something i'm teaching my children too.

i'm thankful for sisters. because when i'm sad all i need is a dance party in my basement with them. or a long car ride with lots of loud music and singing. we have the best inside jokes.

of course my brothers.. lets just say. they make me laugh so hard. they are beyond immature. but so am i.

(obviously not me.. just for an example of dance.)

i'm also so greatful for the privliage of being able to do what i love doing most.. dancing. i have parents who pay for it all, come to all my shows and competitions, and support me. i also have this body that supports me. it is working quite lovely for me, sometimes i wish it looked a little different. but it's healthy and i can walk and talk. where some people don't even get that. this body of mine is holding up greatly.
i'm so greatful for my religion. without it i'd be a mess. whenever things are going wrong, i know the lord is on my side and watching over me. without him i'd be lonely.
all my grandparents aunts uncles cousins. i love them all very much.

my grandma reeder is probably the greatest woman i have ever met. she is so strong. she has set quite the example for me. plus she is hilarious. literally can make me laugh harder then anyone else in this world. when she dies, i probably won't leave my bed for weeks. the thought of it makes me cry. a fun fact about her? she grew up in australia, she moved to america when she was 20. and she is beautiful.

food, water, my bed, my house, a shower, clothes, shoes, socks, a toothbrush, mascara, a t.v., a computer, music, i-pods, my phone, education. it's all simple to me. it's all fabulous to me.

life may get hard. but it's all so fabulous. when everything seems to go wrong. count your many blessings.



give the heavens more then just a passing glance. and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance. i hope you dance.

i probably wont actually add pictures from vegas. because they weren't that cool, i'm too lazy, and i have better things to put on my blog.

first off. on friday i was in my first flash mob. and it was fun. lets say if you've never been in one, add it to your bucket list. the flash mob was organized by doctor miller, it was for american heart association. dr. miller then rented out a theater for breaking dawn gave us all free tickets to it, gave us free popcorn, free drinks, free candy, free t-shirts, free roses and free expensive chocolate. it was enjoyed.

secondly thursday i attended the drill teams parent preview. and can i just say im amazed by the drill team. they give me shivers. watching them all on every single count, hitting the same movements at the same time, they are as sharp as sharp can be, there facial expressions all identical. they just amaze me. i pretty much sit there speachless because i love watching them so much. i think i could watch the drill team perform all day long. their millitary dance is phenominal. i hope someday i can be that good. i hope one day ill be apart of drill team. i the time comes when i wake up every morning at 5. it will probably make me exausted. but when i would beable to perform and compete it would all be worth it.
i admire those on drill team. watching them makes me inspsired.



"..i thought i would be blinded by the shine"

CMA awards?? yes please. luke bryan was lookin fiiiine. miranda and blake are the cutest couple to date.
rascal flatts is amazing live.. it's all good. and lets just say. i needed that yesterday more then anything.
i often find myself questioning, why me??

lately ive been having lots of troubles. lets just say last year.. i had a pulled hamstring. probabaly was the most painfull thing trying to dance with. then my pelvic bone was out of place, causing me to have lots of pain in my hips, it started in my right hip. as soon as that healed i got it in my left hip. then of course i tore the ligaments in my foot. which was also zero fun.
well this year so far i've had costochondritis, inflamation in my sternum and ribs, making it hard for me to breath deeply. mmmhhh dancing with this??  no bueno.
and now my tailbone... walking and sitting down in my chair at school or standing up from my chair at school or moving around and adjusting my position in my chair at school. kills like none other. for some reason... it's way worse at shool then anywhere else. now we've ALL had times where we land on our tailbones and sitting in hard chairs kill, no this is 10x worse then that. and i didn't do anything to it, i didn't land on it or anything.. well i went to the doctor, just things with my pelvic bone being out of place again. so stressful and annoying..

but i just have to remember it could be worse. suprisingly dancing with this tailbone pain wasn't even too hard. the hardest part at dance was walking on and off from my formation.. funny right?? thats a blessing. i'm glad i wasn't dying all day at dance. at least these pains and troubles haven't been something way serious causing me to have surgery and forcing me to not dance for months.
i'm gald i tore ligaments instead of breaking my foot. it's all fine. it could all be worse.

sorry your probably all extremely bored with reading this but i must lastly add i have a new favorite movie.
water for elephants.
i happily now own this movie (well my sister does)
 if you haven't seen it yet it is a must.
this post title?? just an adorable line from this movie.
my advice.. watch  it and love it.


rock my world into the sunlight make this dream the best i've ever known.

listen. love it.
this song makes me so happy. whenever i listen to it i just have to get up and start dancing.


under the mistletoe.

you better believe i bought it right after school. you better believe i love it.

when i found out him and miriah carey were doing a version of "all i want for christmas is you" i peed. because it is my favorite christmas song. he is my favorite male.
it was just as good as i excpected.
when i went to the lindon walmart and they were sold out of this cd i almost started crying. until i came into luck in finding out they still had the cd left at the cedar hills walmart.

but besides my excitement for this fabulous cd i must say halloween was a hoot.

you better believe i was a gangster. you better believe i wore my dads basketball shorts and a fake goate.
it was nice. real nice.

lifes great. 3 weeks til thanksgiving break. after that only 3 more weeks til christmas break.
i must say welcome to the holidays. the best time of the year.

oh and p.s. word on the street justins on dancing with the stars tonight?? can't wait.