no one wants you around anymore.

so everyone and there dog has been posting about fall. but i feel like i can too?? so i will.

first off. it needs to come pronto. the fact october is starting tommorrow and it's currently 86 degress out side really makes me mad. most people think i'm insane for saying this but i hate the heat. i can not handle the heat. it gives me headaches, and the worst feeling in the world is feeling hot and sweaty and gross when you don't have to be hot and sweaty. but fall isn't hot and obnoxious. it's nice and cool outside. the leaves are gorgeous and cook outs in the canyon become my favorite thing. and the number one reason i love fall? the clothes. tights, boots, scarves, sweaters, layers and cardigans. i die thinking of it now. i can't wait. i'm done with tank tops and shorts.
summer you have been here long enough.
it's time for you to leave.

pres on for presley

so i have been asked a favor to pass a message on so please click here or on the link below and read the post.


once you get to the link you can obviously see where to email my friend jade if you want to buy a bracelet to help find a cute to SMARD.


im up for round two.

so taylor swift concert tomorrow? kind of really excited. i remember last time she went on tour which was two years ago, i attended then also. and i must say probably funnest concert i've ever been too.

sooo stocked


my fabulous day.

only one hour classes.
chiken nuggets for lunch.
the base ball park.
playing with the cutest baby in the whole world.
and of course to finish it off some pintrest.

it was only the best.


who am i to judge another when i walk imperfectly?

just one of my favorite lines from a hymn above.
remember when seminary started and i kinda hated it? and i felt pretty guilty about it all but really i never wanted to go? but i'm so proud to say i now love seminary. i decided i would just listen and participate and try. and now i find myself getting so much out of the lessons and feeling way better about my day. and i find myself making all these comments and sharing my opinions about everything. nothing is better then the spirit 3 or 4 days a week compared to 1 day. i'm glad i have the religion i do, because really god helps us through so much. and not everyone has knowledge of the fact we aren't alone, not everyone has knowledge that there is a god that is helping us through each trial we have. and since i do have knowledge of this i have so much comfort. and i think i should mention i promised my seminary teacher that i read the scriptures every day for the rest of the year, it's been 8 days and i have kept my promise. it feels wonderful.


everybody everybody wants to love.

i really love angela. and she totally makes me happy. because she likes to tell me all my good qualities she likes to share with me and reasons she looks up to me. she lifts me up and makes me happy. when it's a bad day she put a smile on my face. so i now have 6 messages from her in my saved messages folder to look at when i'm sad and down. because in those 6 messages she tells me the reasons i'm loved. and it reminds me i have good qualities in me, and it reminds me of my worth. she is a for sure keeper.

yesterday was completely lovely, because i saw the beautiful angela and the rest of the beautiful lindon girls. along with brianne. and we had quite a good time. we played some piano. we watched as byu got there butts handed to them, and we screamed loudly. well me and brianne did, because all the other 8 girls were cheering for byu. but it's ok i still love them. we made mini pizzas. i threw some dough at brianne. it made a hilarious noise and i practically peed myself. i got pushed over a fence into some bushes, my legs are scratched. and attemped to jump in some random peoples pool with my clothes on, until i was screeched at. and when i went back in their backyard to do it the people were gone and there pool cover was on. slightly dissapointing. but overall it was a fabulous day.



long busy week. and this post will be so un-organized. but it's ok. first off rascal flatts concert last weekend? only the best.and i went to skylees straight after that concert at 1 a.m. for a sleep over. i stayed up all hours of the night and the next day when i was with chloe i fell asleep in her bed. it's obviously a sign of being best friends. well the byu-utes game is this weekend? go utes. even though it is at byu's stadium my dad is trying to find tickets wish him luck because i would love to attend. that same night my sister will be attend home-coming. her first formal dance. slightly exciting. i have quite an adorbale idea in my head of the costume i would like to have for my solo. pretty sure i have a great lady in mind that could easily make it too. she is from russia and sews brides maids dresses for shabby apple. her accent is the best. oh and dance this week. felt so good. i loved it. dancing is the best feeling in the world. as i type there is a show on my t.v. about a woman who was a size two all her life and randomly pretty much just over night became 300 pounds. so she would eat so little and try to lose weight but she kept gaining it and soon she had to wear maternity clothes. then her hair started falling out and she got rashes on her neck and face. and her skin was so oily it would drip from her face. no doctors believed there was something wrong with her. they all thought she was doing this stuff to herself. so sad. but finally she found out she has cushing syndrom. whatever that is.
this seems to be the end of my really long pointless post. but i'm bored and had to write about something.


my love.

thursday right after school i went and learned my solo. lets just say i'm in love. i'm finishing it on tuesday and i'm oh so excited. tewa found a fun version of mercy  it is super jazzy and fun which is exactly what i was looking for.  competition's won't start for a while but i'm so excited to have it all learned and to get lots of time working with it. i'm also quite excited to get my costume all figured out. and of course once it is time to compete i'll be so excited for that. and good news. pretty sure those ligaments in my foot are about just all healed up. they haven't been causing me issues! i was pretty bummed about having such a long break of dance between the auditions and actual classes but i think it was a blessing, my foot needed that time to fully heal. and i think i forgot to mention i moved up in both classes. new level. new year. fresh start. kinda freaking out but i'm confidant. i can do it and i'm so excited.