it's a proven fact: dancing calls for a better day.

it's official. dance cures any kind of saddness and depression. yesterday was oh so awful. then i got ready and went to the high school for the viketts drill clinic. and my day sure turned around. not because it was super hard and i achieved so much by going. but just simply because i was dancing. i don't even know how to explain it. there is just a feeling you get when you are dancing. i completely love it.


it was an awfully hard day.

"happiness is a chioce that takes effort."
boy oh boy i'm sure lacking in trying to be happy and putting all that effort in. today i've tried so hard and the only thing that has almost made my day better was eating some chocolate. it's just one of those types of days.. i hate these type of days.


i don't wanna hurt you. i wanna kiss you.

well today was just dedicated to blogging. i've been wanting to fix up my blog for a while now and finally got to it. sabrina wanted me to fix up her blog for her, while i was at that it pushed me to redo mine like i've been too lazy to do for a while now. i still have a few things yet not changed but they will be fixed soon. anyways check out the new buttons on the side. there is 3 (soon to be 4)

tell me what you think(: i'm pretty excited about it all.


you is kind. you is smart. you is important.

finished the book the help a few weeks ago. so i'm usually not a fast reader because i usually don't even enjoy reading. but i finished all 522 pages in a week. let me tell you, if i can do that it has to be a really awesome book. not to mention that it was the last week of summer. on the front of the book it says 'if you only read one book in your life let this be it.' i could read it again without getting bored. and to be honest its probably my favorite book. well my grandma read the book too along with my mom and older sister heather so all of us (plus lexi) went and saw the movie just last friday. the movie was fabulous, i cried and ruined my make-up it was all ok though. but the book was so good it didn't really even compare. so maybe seeing the movie is easier. but i strongly recomend you read the book. because it's easy to read and oh so fabulous. (well besides half the ending- it's happy yet quite sad)


you can be the hearts that i spill on the pages

i decided i am IN LOVE with new zeland and australian accents. and my husband must have one. i also found out about an arts collage in new zeland for dancing and painting and music. so i decided thats where i'm going to collage. ill find some amazingly hot man with a beautiful accent. he will be definition of tall dark and handsome. he will have a dreamy singing voice and he will play the guitar like a pro and sing me to sleep everynight. and 3 years after we wed he will give me beautiful little children.
and we will live happily ever after.

i'll buy you rogaine when you start lossing all your hair.

just blog stalking when i see someone wrote a post kinda like my last one and one of this first things she said is 'i don't make plans because i would rather have people call so i can feel included' this put me in an awkward situation realizing she wrote the post 3 days before i wrote mine.... i promise i hadn't seen it and decided i would copy.


i am his daughter

isn't it funny how most people blog what seems to be like every week? but i haven't blogged for 5 days and it seems like eternity? but the last half of summer was so busy. i'm the kind of person that doesn't like to make plans. i like to wait by the phone and see if anyone cares. not just anyone but more the people i'm not as close with. see if people still remember fun we had that once we hung out. or how hard we would laugh in that one class of ours. i'm kind of always caught up in who cares about me? but finally i realized the position i was putting myself in when i shut myself out from the world. i would sit in my bed everyday just listening to my ipod. or i would run on errands with me mom, or hang out with my sisters. even if it wasn't feeling like im wanted by nobody and i mean nothing to anyone there was always something wrong with me, reasons i was always down. but i got to this point where i realized i need to try my hardest to let myself realize what i truely do mean to people, i'm just not letting myself see it. but people do care. and i wasn't letting myself forget all the things that had me worried, i was sitting there with them all right on top of my mind. so finally i would step up and be brave and call people to hang out, and it turned into everyday i'm out having so much fun living up my life. summer suddenly got so much better. because everyday i'm out with friends that really do care about me and i know will always be there for me. they can make me see how happy i should be and what i mean to them. suddenly it was so easy to forget what was keeping me down, put it to the back of my mind and wait for it to pass.
and one great thing i learned is whos opinion it is that matters most. and we had this fabulous song for girls camp and it taught me a great lesson. i think it was a true blessing we had it as our camp song this year because singing it with all these young woman every night and day really impacted me.

also as hilarous as this may sound. i am in love with the song the climb by miley cyrus. ok i really do love hannah montanna a lot. not lying. but this song truely does give a good message.

you can spend your life building something from nothing. one storm can come and blow it all away- build it anyway.


where has summer gone?

school is such an awful place today i went to the jr. high to drop spanish and geometry so i could take daily algebra. yes that means every A day and every B day i will be sitting in math. the place i don't even want to go once a week. but with the level i'm at my math skills really need some attention. of course having my finalized schedule is a great reminder it's just 2 weeks away. not excited at all. but focusing on the positive. i have new clothes. and lots of them. yesterday we spent hours shopping to get all the school clothes bought in one trip to 4 different stores. and considering i spent $100 at old navey i have $40 free dollars to use at the end of august. which means even more clothes. at least there is one good thing about the summer ending.


it was more my stupidity..

oh ya know just at tristens house when i jumped into her pool off a large rock accidently jumping the wrong way landing in the shallow end. landing on the top of my foot instead of the bottom. it hurt. pretty bad. later that night hopping around because it was easier then finding a way to put pressure on my right foot without crying. the first thing my mom says to me when this happened was 'your so crazy i always knew you were going to hurt yourself one day' i think it was more my stupidity. everyone was jumping off the rock and i had all ready done it multiple times before this. i guess i just forget the direction i was suppose to jump in? well the next morning it was feeling better, but there was clearly still a pain. we went to the doctor he wrapped it almost postive it's just torn ligaments. so hopefully over this next week it will start feeling a lot better. but unfortunately i couldn't dance this morning. next week are audditions. i can't just miss, i was so sad about this. i can walk around i can go to the mall i can go to the pool, pretty much anything but dancing and running. two of my most favorite things. but i'm keeping my fingers crossed next week i can. as of right now i can't even go on releve. but i'm praying i won't be away from the studio long.

but on the bright side, it's not even broken and it's just not a big deal at all. like i said the only things i cant do are dance and run. so even though it's such a small issue, i have good friends. and they like to bring me brownies. aren't they the cutest?


...there were lessons learned.

efy.. sooo good. honestly just a moment in time where you left the world and reality and everything stopping you from being happy and you just opened up and let the spirit touch you. i'm so happy i had this expirence and  i can't wait for next year. there was so many little classes that helped me to realize what i need to change in my life. what i need to fix. and also to realize what i'm doing right, what my strengths are. and i met some amazing people. and must i mention, one million laughs. like i mentioned before so many characters were there. and almost nothing could beat the conversations i was able to have with some of them.