this will be good. it will be very good.

at efy this week but it's just a stay at home one (lame-o i know) so my usual blog and facebook stalking can take place at night. lets just say it's FULL of characters. this is why next year i think i'll go to BYU possibly? but it is great harassing place. and im sure i forgot to introduce my blog to enoch. enoch goes to my school, he has a full on mustache and a unibrow and he just reminds me of a little furry troll. he is making a movie called E&A. it's about aliens. he is seriously convinced that this movie will be in theaters i have an almost promised spot as an actress, i hope i get to play an alien. i pretty much died when i met him. oh and did i mention he made up his own language? well guess what enoch is totally there! i must say he slightly creeps me out but his strangeness is to grand. sometimes when i talk to him its hard not to lose my urine. so efy may not be full of cute boys but it's full of completely strange people. and it's 100% awesome.


girl i wanna give you a round of applause

dance workshop for auditions started this week. so i'm off everyday working hard and sweating muchly. i get home ready to hope in the shower, so as i get home i go into the bath room get all ready for my shower as soon as i am standing in my tub i realize something is wrong i'm missing something. only to discover it's my shower curtain. but i was thinking what does a shower curtain do anyways? so i proceeded with my shower.. and no curtain. as i am done i step out into a large puddle on my bathroom floor. it's ok, the floor got a nice little mop, i got a wonderful laugh. i even cleaned it up so my mom couldn't yell at me. all is well folks. all is well.


girls camp

girls camp? to fabulous. pretty much drove everyone insane. i would steal peoples alarm clocks and hide them in other peoples tents set them for 3a.m. when they woke up to the alarm clock they would search for the alarm clock and woulndn't beable to find it. too good. or sometimes i would do the same with my phone. my phone alarm was a cat meowing, super obnoxious to listen to on repeat, even more annoying when your waking up to it. then on the way home every car had these walkie talkie radios connected to everyother car in our ward. me and morgan found joy in singing and shouting complete nonsense into these, when no one answered we figured no one could hear us so for the next hour home we continued. of course once were back at our leaders house to unload the cars everyone informs us on how annoying we were. and some mornings when i had to wake up early to make breakfast it resulted in everyone awake early because i certainly can not control my energy.

just that moment with tons of energy. 15 dum dums in the mouth at once.

partners in crime.


for my home slice.

so chloe has made my summer just about 10x better. there is never a dull moment with me and her. she is so adorable and just too halarious for words. and guess what? she is back at the blogging world with a new blog. so check it out here.


where do broken hearts go, can they find there way home?

i'm off to moab this fine morning for girls camp. im assuming it's gonna be sh-veeet. my tent is killer. except for the fact that miss haylee vincent won't be attending. super bummed. but it's alright. and i have a few (ok like 1) simple scheduled posts and i'm sure i'll have great stories and pictures after camp. but for now it's time for me to leave and embrace my natural look. skiiii ya later.


happy 100

yay for my 100th post! i wanted to do something big and fun. but i couldn't think of anything special. so i thought i would just keep it simple.

so enjoy a few of my favorite quotes. sorry if these aren't simple enough. but i love quotes. so i hope you read them all and love them all as much as i do.

"sometimes we let our thoughts of tommarow take up to much of today. daydreaming of the past and looking for the future may provide comfort but will not take place of living in the present. this is the day of our opportunity, and we must grasp it."
president monson.

'everything will be ok in the end. and if it's not ok it isn't the end.'
found on megs blog.

"when all seems lost and you have no hope turn your thoughts toward god and wait for a miracle."

"some day it will all make perfect sense so for now, laugh at all the confussion, smile through all the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason"

"as for lovers, they come and go. and i hate to say it but pretty much all of them are going to break your heart. but you can't give up because if you give up you'll never find your soul mate. you'll never find that half that makes you whole and that goes for everything. just because you fail once doesn't mean your going to fail at everything. keep trying, hold on, and always always believe in yourself, because if you don't who will? so keep your head high, keep your chin high, and most importantly keep on smiling. because lifes a beautiful thing and theres so much to smile about."
marilyn monroe

"believe everything happens for a reason, people change so you can learn to let go, things go wrong so you can appriciate them when there right, you believe lies so you can learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes goodthings fall apart so better things can fall together."
marilyn monroe

 i lied this is really my 102 post. it's ok.


jealous anyone?

okaaaay. what is this??
while reading alexas blog i come across this photo. i'm dying right now.


i'm super in need of your comments. your help. and your advice.

now i really really really need your guys help. if i do a contemporaray solo i'm pretty sure i will either be dancing to wish you well by katie herzig or sort of by ingrid michaelson. your advice out of those two songs?
but i'm pretty sure i'm gonna try jazz just one more year. so more importantly  heres my problem, i want something really really really fun and upbeat. my original thought for jazz would be mercy by duffy. then i thought heart skips a beat by lenka would be fun. so listen to both and give my your advice on which one of those. but i still think i could find funner songs so...
i lied. here is where i actually really need the help. what is a crazy insane fun song i can do a jazz solo with? i need ideas. super badly.

p.s. sorry i got a little bored and had fun with this post (guessing you can tell?).


because i couldn't be more ecstatic

in 2 weeks (after girls camp) on tuesday i'm going to dance showcase for some turns n' technique and ballet. and if i like it i keep goin while doing the regular turns and techique at my studio. and my mom is going to call studio 1 and if it all seems good i'm gonna try everything out there too. so i may be late for all company audditions. because when they rolled around i wasn't prepared. but i'm preparing now. maybe i'll be on my competition teams at showcase u.s.a one more year while working hard with once a week classes at other studios. and once audditions in a year come around maybe i will have grown a ton. maybe i'll be better then excpected. but i know it's what i put in. and i'm willing to work really hard. any other studios i should try out?


horray for an amazing fourth.

we were up camping in heber all weekend with the cousins. i must say it was quite fabulous.

we went on the lake with canoes(:

that was a fail so we switched to paddle boats.

we caught pot guts.

us teenage girls failed at making a fire.

 then we came home and got all clean. we had a fun bbq with the family and headed down on fourwheelers to the firework show at pg jr.

waiting for the fireworks to start(:

the fourth is for sure a favorite holiday. because i heart summer, and bbq's and fireworks, and family.