every moment spent with you is a moment i treasure

yesterday was memorial day. it was awesome. i wore jeans, a jonas brothers t-shirt, and my favorite sandles. my hair was gathered on top of my head all day and i didn't even bother puting on make up. i didn't go out with friends i stayed home with my family. but it was really fun. we took a ride up the canyon, we went out for icecream, the sisters watched a walk to remember, tyler and chelsea came over and we had a cook out in the back yard and roasted smores with our fire pit. pretty relaxed day. but yet it was perfect.


you are the sun that summertime brings.

this week has been full of dance. and whats a better pick me up then dance? Friday the school dance. so i thought i should let you know they are my favorite. i got too many comments from strangers on my outfit. i'm sure i just made everyone's night perfect. i wasn't looking socially accetable. but i never am.

saturday was my team dance competition (no solo this time) we had two dances. we got first and second place. way to be right? later that night i attended the jive's dance show. any dance show is appriciated. but it's even better when your there supporting girls like indy and tristen. oh how i miss my lindon ladys.

monday was our big recital. two shows that night. showcase u.s.a rocked it. i'm so blessed to be apart of such a great studio with great coreographers and teachers. they are all amazing and there is plenty of room for me to grow as a dancer there. i can't wait for the future and all it has to offer.

then today i missed school for another show up in salt lake city. missing school for my favoritest thing in the world? too perfect.
what a perfect week. no more dance til school ends. then we have summer technique classes, performance at lehi round up. and lastely. dance tour. couldn't be more thrilled for that event. summer will be full of dance and other adventures. countdown? 7 days.


Hit me with the words you got and knock me down cause baby I don't care.

Sorry world. Courtney hill comes out to tell you about her imprefections. And if you want to stop reading now go ahead. Because all this post is I drama. I just feel the need to vent and what other way to vent then on your blog? I know I'm not perfect because no one is and I know I'm short tempered and I know I don't deal with peoples crap. I'm selfish and so stubborn and simple things make me mad and when I'm mad it takes a lot to make me happy and I'm on edge. Everything little thing that goes wrong will just upset me even more. So I'm hard to deal with and my husband better be really patient and someone who only wants to make me happy unless I can learn to grow up. So I see my imperfections. And I'm sorry to all of you who have expirenced a freak out of mine from when my flaws got the best of me. But I think it's time other people see deep into my flaws, try to understand me and realize where the anger and stress is coming from rather then just looking at me as 'the biggest brat in the world' knowing that they shouldn't be so quick to judge. They should realize that they never really know what I could be going through at school. After all it's just junior high, drama and issues and sadness and conflicts never end. They will be here right with my the rest of my next two weeks of my 8th grade year and my whole 9th. The only thing that could make all of the school stress worse is coming home to all the crap i came home to the other day. But the things that will get me through it is thinking of the note sabrina wrote me today 'Courtney hill you are the light of my life. Your the only reason I haven't killed myself' now obviously she was just trying to be funny and it worked. She is not even close to suicidal but I'm sure it didn't come out of no where, I know that I can make her happy when others can't. Another uplifting thought is thinking of me and Chloe and savannah crying at lunch because we were all lauging so hard. Or thinking of p.e. and how I have the best girls in there. Never a dull moment with us. It's all ok when we think of those who will always love us and get you like no one else and will never be too quick to judge. sorry to all of you who can't get past thinking badly of me and thanks to all of you who are always there to make me happy. I love you all. 


put your hands in the air wave them side to side. make me some noise if your ready for the summer time.

because i haven't blogged in 10 years i feel like crying. because what is better then blogging?? nothing. sadly enough i feel there is completely nothing to blog about. i always feel like this and it's the worst. but i figured i would make a list of how my summer is lookin. just cause everyone else is, and hey i'm just as cool.

i'm going to make ten and a half playlists.

this summer i'm going to dance. i'm going to dance at the studio. and in my backyard. at 7 peaks while i wait in line for a slide. and in my basement instead of getting ready cause i probably won't do much of any getting ready this summer.

i'm going to go on long car rides with my sisters. were going to blast music louder then we ever had before and were going to be attempting to dancing while in our seats.

i'm going to shop. a lot.

i'm going to get up early if i haven't gone to bed too late and i'm going to hike to the cave with my momma and sister. then i'm going to come home and sleep til my body has had a reasonable amount of rest.

i'm going to buy cody simpsons album.

i'm going to go to girls camp. and pee and poop in no where but the bushes. because it's funner. and anyone would rather pee and poo in bushes then an outhouse.

i'm going to learn how to play taylor swift on the piano. because how cool would that be?

i'm going to become mistaken for a mexican. and folks, this isn't hard happens every summer. i have this gift i like to call olive skin. where sun loves changing the color of my skin but refuses to burn. and therefore leaves us with an amazing tan.

i'm going to eat shaved ice. all day. everyday.

i'm going to change my nail color weekly.

i'm going to san fransisco and i'm dancing on the beach. and you might not take this literal but you should because it's this cool little thing called dance tour.

i'm going to go down to mesa verde in an r.v. with my family. were going to buy a lot of cute turquious jewlery.

i'm going to be in sabrina and savannahs neighborhood weekly because whats better then there neighborhood? nothing. that's where all the adventures happen.

and i'm going to make a change. i'm going to do everything i can to let everyone know i love them. i'm going to be skinny and in shape. i'm going to be nice to everyone. and i'm not going to do anything i'm going to regret.


the day dedicated to mothers.

it's mothers day. so why not dedicate a post to my mother? my dad says i get my sass and attitude from her, but i think he is just kidding cause i've never seen her with 'additude' she is lovely as is always serving everyone. she is a peacemaker too, and i love how airheaded she is. i couldn't of asked for a better mom.

i love both grandmas dearly but i thought i should mention some about mom's mom. oh this women is the sun that summertime brings. i wish i could put her in my backback and take her to the junior high with me everyday and she would just always be my best friend. i know i've wrote about her before so i won't go off into stories. but lets just cover that basics. she is so spunky and says the funniest things. couldn't love her more, and cause of her i have my mom. win win situation.

my mom and grandma together. only a couple of years ago..


you'll never know if you never try.

well i am proud to tell you that competition went quite swell. as soon as i finished my solo i had really good feelings about it, i wasn't excpecting first place but i didn't really care i felt confidant and knew it had all gone well and i knew i tried my hardest and thats all that mattered. but i'm honored to tell you i got queen which is also known as first place, they just title it as 'queen' to make it all seem cooler. i honestly couldn't have been happier and it couldn't have gone better. such a good expirence and i can't wait for future competitions, it was a great first. oh and not to mention already thinking about next years solo, i can't wait to learn it. already got my song and coreographer all picked out. it's gonna be worth the wait.

oh just nervously waiting to go on.

crown. sash. 6" trophie. they've got this queen thing down.

this morning i also got to go to a masters class, all the girls competing with solos yesterday were there and it was such a great expirence dance workshops with professionals are always my favorite, he taught us such a fun combo and gave us a lot of good pointers. it was nice being there without my competition, sometimes i'm worried my confidance comes off as cockiness and everyone thinkin i think i'm the shiz. so it was nice to beable to be there with confidance without worrying about what the other girls think. i got so much out of the workshop. i qualified for nationals next weekend and i'm hoping my mother lets me attend so i can go to another free masters class, and hey to compete. its the best.
anyways the long post is over. thought you would all enjoy to hear how it went.


tonight i won't be takin no calls cause i'll be dancin

well lets hope that my dancing will actually impress someone. just two days ago (wednesday to be exact) my mom informed me that i'd be competing  with my solo on friday. a little stressed?? ya just a little. wednesday night i worked my butt off with that solo. practicing so hard knowing that solo was in need of some good hard work. i was planning on working just as hard thursday. but of course i come home from school feeling sick to my stomache and within a few hours i was puking. for sure not fun. but good news after my nights slumber i'm already starting to feel a little better. and now i just need to get energy and get some strength to my body so i can kill it tonight. now maybe it won't be the best and maybe i'll look like crap from having the flu hours before. but i'm going to try my hardest and i'm doing it, much energy or not. now i have to go figure out what i'll even be wearing and how to do my hair.. please with me the best of luck.


you got me all tied up in knots. and i'm lovin you lots and lots.

dedicated to my dearest alexis anne. your day has been quite the adventure. first off you got your liscence. next you made fashion team. and to end what seemed to be the oh so perfect day you ended up in the hospital getting those useless apendix taken out..
oh why must this happen to you?? sorry baby girl. we all love you(:

tall dark and superman

so on sunday in great young womens we had  this lesson about 'finding the man of your dreams' a.k.a. moyd. now of course learning about the scriptures and book of mormon is good but what i love about young womens is the lessons. they have good points and make me feel the spirit but there fun, and i don't get side tracked. cause if you know me at all you know my attention span is short and i struggle listening to a lot of things. but in young womens i don't even have to try. for some reason this lesson just really opened my eyes. now lets get real here, i'm in 8th grade. i don't have to be worrying about finding him, and i'm not. but lets be honest i'm a girl. of course i think of him, and i've got my list of qualitys i want. and this just might change by the time i'm searching for him. but this is it for now.

treats me like a princess
not nice to only me but everyone else too
 returned missionary
 alright who doesn't wanna man that's tall and good looking?
someone who can take me to the temple
someone who has a happy spirt to them
someone who has a good sense of humor. i mean look at me i could never marry a boring man.
and of course i have to add the whole 'baseball player' to this list. common i mean who doesn't enjoy the sport and then men that play it?

we talked about qualitys and all. but at the end of the lesson she told us 'to find the man of your dreams you have to become the girl of his' of course a room full of girls we all 'aww' i know that we can't excpect mr. perfect to just show up if we aren't willing to try our hardest. i'm guessing we all marry people with our same standards so as we grow up we have to prepare. all the actions we make now will effect our future actions. we have to choose the right and decide not only the type of man we want to marry but the type of girls we want to be. so here is my for now list.

same sense of humor
someone who can always make others smile
worthy of being in the temple
someone who is always looking to help and serve others
the girl that is friends with everyone and is always there for support when others need it
the girl that nice, and cares about every last person
and a peace maker

now challenge time? make a list for qualitys you want in your mr. perfect. then make a list of things that you can be to become his princess. then do something everyday to become that girl and if we stay on the right track fate will take play in the rest.


i may not know it. but these are the moments that i'm going to remember most.

' life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass' it's about learning to dance in the rain.' everyone has heard this quote. but it has instantly become one of my favorites when i just thought about what it meant. were always placed with trials in our lives. but we shouldn't sit around and just wait for the issue to pass. we should learn to push through it and live up life to it's fullest. 'someday everything will make perfect sense. so for now laugh through the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding your self that everthing happens for a reason.'  it's never at all easy to be happy through low sad points in our lives but it's always better when we just forget about all our issues make good out of whatever is going on. 'sometimes good things fall out of place so even better things can fall together.'  through all the hard times just remember the people that care, and the people who love you. they will help you through anything and everything and they will help you push through.