I was walking along the beach with my Lord. Across the dark sky flashed scenes from my life. For each scene, I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand, one belonging to me, and one to my Lord.

When the last scene of my life shot before me i looked back at the footprints in the sand. There was only one set of footprints. I realized that this was at the lowest and saddest times of my life.

This always bothered me and i questioned the Lord about my dilemma.

"Lord, you told me when i decided to follow You, You would walk and talk with me all the way. But i'm aware that during the most troublesome times of my life there is only one set of footprints. I just don't understand why, when i needed You most, You leave me."

He whispered, "My precious child, i love you and will never leave you never, ever, during your trials and testings.

When you saw only one set of footprints it was then that i carried you."


it's my party and i'll cry if i want to.

well if i remember correctly my birthday was just three days ago. i figured i shall blog about my magnificent day. sorry this post was delayed.
first off i was awoken by 3 hooligans standing in my room shaking me. i sure wasn't excpecting it at all. we tried gettin ready before kneaders breakfast. but it wasn't enough time so we tried we ended up doing some make-up in kneaders bathroom. then after eating we went to rylans to curl my hair. which only took all of first period, which only made me happy.
after school indy and trsiten brought me a cupcake.

horray for cute cupcakes. and... birthday dresses:)

next i had dancey dance class. no it didn't even matter that it was my birthday. i loved it. then presents. horray for clothes shoes and taylor swift concert tickets. not to mention my mom re-gifted the plastic hand to me. she hid it to stop the creepiness. then because my middle name is pranks my family thought it would be humerous to give me toliet paper, dog treats, and and eye patch. i'll admit. i laughed.
then dinner at pizza factory?? oh yeah.

next. best part of the night. hold your breath. my mother walked up the stairs with this beauty.

all edible

i seriously just about cried. i wanted this so bad then the day before my mom informed me it was too late to order it so we decided on no cake cause i was set on biebsy. my mom felt terrible found her ways and got it done. best suprise. couldn't of been happier.

oh too happy.

blowin out my candles.
of course to torment me my family pretended to ruin it. i got a little teary eyed. they were stressing my out to much. but it's ok because i ended up eating his face in peice. well appriciated.

not to mention chloe, brianne, kate, and karina brought me presents. thanks for you birthday wishes. love you all.


I'll be your number one, number one fan. Dig that!

So it's Saturday morning 7:34. Wondering why I'm awake? Well I'm just chillin in Sabrina's room watching her and savannah sleep. Sabrina was alseep by 3. Savannah at least stayed up til 7. We all made the goal to stay up til 8 and it looks like I'll be the only one accomplishing that. Im still wide awake but just trying to think of things to do before I start getting tired. Thank goodness for my itouch. Blog stalking and blog updating. There is the perfect answer. So what to blog about? Not sure. Except for the fact my birthday is in 2 days. Exciting eh? Honestly hasn't phased me much. But I'm
Excited cause one thing I know that I'm for sure getting is a Taylor swift concert ticket. Her 'fearless' concert was easily the funnest concert I've ever been too. And trust me I've been to an uncountable amount of concerts. My first was Brittany spears just about 5 or 6
No big deal but I'm super sad to say I hardly remember it.
So next on my birthday wish list? Clothes. Clothes. Clothes. Clothes. I feel like I'm running out. I for sure need more.
Well I guess I'm gonna rap up this post. Hate to make it drag on to long. Good morning earth. And good night to me in 16 more minuets.
Well that is if I can fall asleep. Peace an blessings.


what do you say we leave to california? if we drive all night we can make it by the mornin.

obviously i felt like a loser when everyone but me was leaving town. i thought my spring break would be terrible. but so far i've managed to make the most out of it. with warm weather everything felt better.

we all three rode on this bike for a good hour or so.

we chilled on valley view's roof

and we went on the merry go round at trafalga

as you can see if spring break continues to be like everything it's been so far. it'll only be the best.


the way you walk, way you talk, way you say my name. it's beautiful, wonderful, don't you ever change.

so i decided i'm way behind on blog stalking. so today i've been catching up. as reading sabrinas blog i come across this post. and of course being the emotional loser i am almost came to tears.

 this girl sabrina has changed my life. so of course her talking about us garbage bagging in the post makes me want to pee and cry from laughter. that may have been the best night ever. i love when i  trip while running down someones hill and you have no choice but to lay there and laugh until your bawling that always makes your garbage bagging adventure 10x better.
 i also love where she talked about her family. this girl is so close with her family and it makes me so happy. they are adorable. and they make me happy. there family has had so many cool amazing stories and they are all so strong.
now listening to 'back to december' when opening her blog makes me laugh (memories). then cry cause i miss her too much. this girl has helped me so much. it's un-believable. she left for the dominican rebuplic a while ago. no communication to her. she gets back tomarrow. she left when i needed her the most.
i've gone through so much with her gone, but everytime i just wanted to cry because i didn't even know what to do anymore i thought of her. what would she want me to do? she would never want me to be sad or down, if she was here she would just pick me back up to my feet again and help me keep going. by some miracle she was brought into my life. she is one of the greatest gifts god has given to me. she has the best advice and she can relate to everything. she is so strong and always keeps going through all the hard. plus she can make everyone smile no matter what. it's been the longest week and a half with out her. as she gets back i might just have to cry. this girl means the world to me and i know each time i talk to her she only makes me stronger. she has seen me cry while i vent to her. she has seen me cry from laughing so hard. she has seen me fall asleep on her bed while she leaves to make me cookies for when i wake up. she has seen me dance like a fool in her bedroom. she has seen me at my worst and best and she's helped me through it all. i couldn't be more thankful for one person.

everytime you look at me and smile like you smile my heart goes boom boom boom.

sometimes it's just a bad day. then your mom take's you to the chocolate.

 and you have a piece of cake titled ' the husband' for lunch.

you go home and top it all off by watching hsm2. your day is officially better. thanks mom for the treat. talking with you is the best.
 p.s. is anyone heading out for spring break that will be willing to let me hide in there trunk? i seriously need to get away.


i said leave but baby all i really want is you to stand outside my window throwing pebbles screaming i'm in love with you.

somedays it's a tuesday and i decide to do a super intense jillian michaels work out. then on wednesday as sore as i am i run for 15min in p.e. then are teacher makes us do sprints then get home and find myself dying to run more with heather so i do. then i find myself on thursday unable to walk.
lifes great. nothing is better then the feeling of your legs on fire. 
now that the pointless post has ended. continue on with your blog stalking as i begin mine.


the best kind of medicine.

thursday was fine. just a normal day nothing special until fourth period ended and i walked out of to school. it was bright it was sunny it was warm it felt like summer. my moods and reviews on how good my day was instantly shot up 100% something about the sun just makes me want to dance and sing. not to mention as i got home my dad was there with a hot tub full of water heating up. good thing hot tub is fixed.
now i just need to buy some shorts and sandles and get my mexi tan back. then my life will finally be complete and never mediocre again. now i had the great oppuritunity to go on my schools roof this past week. it was great and you can see how sunny it is. life's great.

greetings from the school's roof.