the sun will always shine in may

i really hate the end of the term because procrastination is my middle name. i have so much grades to make up. so then you wonder why i use to post once a week and now i'm posting daily? thats because when i feel stressed i blog to take a break even when i have clearly nothing to blog about... now that my ramblings are over. peace and blessings. peace and blessings.


dear kami; your posts talk about how your blog is suddenly boring? please. it's one of my favorites. i wish i could give you a link to all of my favorite posts. in fact i actually might. but i figure i'll also give you a link in general. first off i know she did actually write this little 'quote' or 'message' but i thought it was too good not to share. so check out toward, no to. and also one more for the day now for this post i just want you to go down to number 6. where it talks about dance. this is so true and i love reading it. now one last link. simply kami is for sure one of my favorite blogs. always inspiring posts and i always feel better when i read it. so check it out.


feel the adrenaline.

solo competition. it's finally here.
i know i've already wrote about it a little bit in my last post but i'm gonna write more.
this weekend i got all the rest of the pieces for my costume and this week i'm practicing like crazy.
this friday i'll be competeing with my first solo in history and  i can't even wait.
it's coming along great and it's already been such a great expirence. i know this oppurtinuty has made me such a stronger dancer--not to cheese up this whole post, just letting out my thoughts--
i'm already thinking about next year. i've got a few songs already on my mind and i'm gonna let whoever is coregraphing it i'm ready to work my butt off and i want a huge push. so phsyed.
oh and guess what else? i officially have gotten my triple down. say whha? yep. i've been working so hard to get to the top.

anyways children. wish me luck for this weekend.


we just wanna make the world dance.

first off happy sweet 16th to my dearest lexi.
 we've been celebrating her birthday all week long condsidering the boys left for arizona early wednesday morning for baseball.
wednesday we went out for dinner at pizza factory.
thursday we went to kneaders for dinner.
 friday we went opened presents of course.
 then we picked up lexi's adorable cake from dipity. it is too adorable.
then shopping at gateway which included dinner at cpk and driving around salt lake to look at all the adorable houses.
this as you can tell means next week we will be exersicing each night to burn off all our celebration calories.

next week i'm sure will be just as great. first solo competition in history for me. wish me luck.


baby you've got the sort of face to start this whole heart.

new blog to stalk? US-ology-the study of us this girls is adorable. did my sisters wedding pictures, and a fun photoshoot with me and my sisters.. she is so cute, and her blog is all i have read this week. i do advise you to check it out.

chocolate chip bagles.

ok. it's been a whole week since i've blogged. this is an issue. BUT i still am not sure what to blog about..
i guess we will make this a rambling post. first off spring staples inspired by meg.

long car rides with the windows open and music blasting.
skirts-minus the tights.
shaving the legs.
cat eye sunglasses.
vintage photoshoot with the sisters.
blog stalkin.
walking around the discovery park multiple times in a row.
shopping. at gateway.
major dance parties with my sistas.

and the list goes on.

next topic. my new shoes. one word. vintage. my brother in law did inform me they looked like something he could pull out of his great-grandmas closet. but then again, that is what vintage means. right??

speaking of vintage?? yep. remember jacobs pillow? ya well i'm getting it. oh ya ya for vintage clothing.

now speaking of clothing. i've got my whole birthday planned out. cute sailor dress. combat boots. shorts from j.crew. some sperrys. and don't forget about my taylor swift concert ticket.
and now speaking of birthdays?? guess who is turning 16 in this upcoming week?? lexi my big sister. she is adorable and so is her blog.

now speaking of this upcoming week. dad and little brother are headin out to arizona for baseball. therefore the girls have the house to themselves.

now that the long ramblings are over and i don't feel so guilty for advoiding the blog.
have a great sunday.


life is a maze and love is a riddle

sundays are perfect for re-decorating the blog. what do you think??

it's the simple things.

now i remember back in 5th and 6th grade i had this best friend. her name was kate valadez. we were closer then EVER. something happened and that fell apart. we would text every now and then and say hi to each other in the halls. by some miracle. we started talking deep again. even though it's been a good 2 years i feel like our bond has never broke. i feel like we are still so close. i feel like we still get each other. we understand each other. we love each other. she makes me happy. on friday nights we will talk til 2a.m. i give her advice. she gives me advice. we tell each other why we love each other so much. she makes me happy. i know i make her happy. we will reunite and make eachs others lifes better. she gets me through it all.


shabby apple

i've been online shopping. please if it is the last thing you do visit shabby apple it's a website.. they sell dresses. vintage dresses.
yes the price is larger then most other dresses, but it's so worth it. no where else sells such cute dresses. it's official i'm getting the jacobs pillow dress. it is my absolute favorite. and after that i'm getting the bethesada fountain and the list could go on and on.


i will fight til forever.

such an inspirational post. kami. thank you. i love your blog and this post "What If" made my day.
i could re-read this all day and never get sick of it. i love everything about it. so if it's the last thing you do. please read it. you won't regret it.


he can fix up your broken hearts, he can give you a brand new start, he can make you believe.

to my dearest justin drew bieber;

 it was a tuesday back in 1994 it was 12:56a.m. to be exact you were birthed by pattie mallett.. this day was kind of fantastic. happy 17th justin i hope your day is great. i hope you know march first is also national pancake day. all i have thought about today is you and ihop. feel oh so proud my darling. and just to show my love for love i made a cake in your honor, purple frosting and all.. \

<3/ your long lost love, courtney elizabeth hill

you are a well loved man.