raise your glass for good weekends

ok. lets face it. this weekend is prime. thursday was when it all started. ugly sweater shopping at savers, we left with 2 ugly sweaters and one other mysterious item. i still can't decide if it's a poncho or a rug. i wore that rug friday. i got lots of  'courtney WHAT are you wearing?' and 'hey girl in the cape' or 'where did you find that?' or just some stares. not to mention i had cereal for lunch. me and my friends now keep cereal, bowls, and spoons in our lockers. we buy cartons of milk and no worries. we rinse out the bowls and spoons in the bathrooms. we dry them with the hand dryers. all is well.

ya the girl in the middle with the super ugly sweater? thats mine too.

firday at school you can see was obviously a hit. but it only got better. dance after school then finshed off the night with seeing the directors cut of never say never.

saturday i had a dance competition. we killed them all. first place, high gold. we beat some 15, 16 year olds. it was great a great way to finish off the weekend. hope yours was as good as mine.

peace and blessings


i'm feeling like a star you can't stop my shinin

ok were all human. we all have those days, or weeks were we just aren't happy.
sometimes there is a reason, and sometimes were not sure why but were just not satisfied with our life.

sometimes we just want to sit in our rooms with sad music and just cry. but i'm telling you now theres a better answer.

"you can't live a positive life with a negitive mind"

walk around and pretend there is nothing wrong, always have a smile on your face and don't let people know your sad. it's hard but you'll end up fooling yourself too and it could just be the start of a great day.

when your sad make a playlist of the songs that make you happy and have a dance party. even if it's with yourself in your room. please have a dance party. they make everything better.

some suggestions for that playlist?

forget you -  glee version
shake - Jesse Mcartney
baby - justin bieber
jessies girl - glee version
i wanna dance with somebody - whitney houston
red high heels - kellie pickler
your love is my drug - keha

and of coarse you need to watch a few videos to make you happier

this one will never fail to put a smile on that face
and this one always makes me wanna dance
only watch this one if your prepared to wet yourself

remember if someone can't see what your worth then it's there loss. never care what anyone thinks of you. happiness is a choice.


Dancers aren't born. they are made.

dancing is such a gift and i'm sad people take advantage of it.

dancers aren't born. there made

it's all about the work we put in. if we want to ever be the best at something it's up to us to get ourselves there.. never ever ever ever ever ever give up. we all have this potential in us. learn from mistakes and
never say never.

or these

sorry all these pictures were creepily taken off facebooks. maybe me getting permission to use them would be good. but i'm guessing none of them will care.

yes i have amazing photos of SYTYCD contestants. but i would rather show you these pictures. of kids. just with there dancing dreams like everyone else.

you put the best in. you get the best out.


when you get the choice to sit out or dance. i hope you dance.

stalking is a good hobby, facebook stalking, blog stalking, youtube stalking.
and yes youtube stalking is the new fav... meet amanda Ocampo.. best dancer ever.

this is her when she was:

5 years old
7 years old
10 years old (MY FAVORITE)
11 years old

lets face it. she is a dancing beast and were all jealous.

i already checked to see if she owned a facebook so i can look at all her dancing pictures (i stalk remember?)

we be creepin'

once apon a time i had 2 extremely creepy friends that are just like me. there names are savannah stika and sabrina thomas. they started making a cat out a paper. when the masterpiece was finished it was so creepy they thought of me. so then they gave it to me.

we needed a name for the cat so we came up with a genious idea. we saw some random civilian walking down the hall way we asked her for her middle name. it was cecilia. then the next girl we saw we got her last name which was baker, it was a done deal. the cats name was cecilia baker.

we loved this little one. we got some birthday streamers and made a leach and a collar and a dress for the cat. then i decided i needed to take the creepin to the next level. we went to miss. goodwins classroom.

now miss goodwin? words don't describe her. many kids are afraid of her, she tries to be mean. but i think she is halarious. she calls me the 'creep' and she often asks me what my parents did to me when i was little, and if they know i act so strange in public, and what my parents thought of me, and why i have friends. but i love these questions. she just hasn't met a stranger human in her life. but it's all good. people love my life.

this is the cat herself.


my friends say i'm a fool to think your the one for me i guess i'm just a sucker for love

i'm thinking it's time for a new post. i have been blog slacking. i haven't been reading all your blogs lately and i haven't been writing. but guess what i have been doing? listenin the biebs that's what.

you could simply just say i'm in love.

i think it's time he agrees to marry me.. i'm smitten by this kid. let me tell ya i was perfectly fine when he first came out. around august i started getting symptoms. a month ago this fever getting worse. then i saw the movie and i had full on bieber fever.  i'm warning you now. bieber fever is completly contagious, and once you have it you can't get rid of it. go see the movie now and you'll fall in love... garunteed.


i eat possum. no biggy.

so today i was watching this episode of hannah montanna. just watch the first 55 seconds. cause i DIED when i did.

cause truth be told i tell everyone i eat possum and they believe me... til' this day i have at least 15 people thinking my dads hunt possum my mom cooks them my family eats them.. yet i still have friends? strange i know.

thank you india blue for creating the rumor about me and i played along. my life is so my funner now.

so you think you can dance junior high style.

oh great PG junior does great things like 'american idol.' and 'so you think you can dance' of course auditions for SYTYCD? i'm so there. we gave everyone a nice laugh.

enjoy. i'm almost positive you will.



i love minimal mondays.
i love not eating lunch and going to taco amigo after school instead
i love finding walmart shopping carts on the side of the road
i love being pushed in those shopping carts all the way to walmart
i love buying XXL mens T-shirts at walmart
i love wearing the shirts around walmart
i love buying pet fish at walmart
i love chloe rickenbach
i love sabrina thomas
i love savannah stika
i love brianne moon
i love kailin cudney

i loved yesterday


she's my best friend best of all best friend.

oh wow, i'm such a good 'best friend' Chloe Rickenbachs birthday was january 31st. but i haven't blogged since then. so it's ok.

oh chloe rickenbach. where do i begin with this lady? she is absolutely amazing. i have known her since 2nd grade. out of all my friends that i've grown up with shes the only one that has stayed exactly like me. ever since 2nd grade we've always been exactly alike. when were together we laugh really hard. me and her are kind of known for our laughs. we both like to bug people.

when me and her are together and hyper it's bad we get pretty insane. everyone else enjoys the shows we put on.me and her get along. were too similar not too. we don't fight cause there is nothing to fight about between us. which i love. i love how she is just herself she doesn't try and be different around me. she just has her same old personality, and i love her personality.

not to mention her mom would deffinitally be my 'second mom' if i had one. her mom is absolutely the best she makes me laugh, she enjoys taking us to sonic and maceys. i usually like to bug her and be crazy around. but i must say her reactions to me are my favorite.

on top of chloe being super fun to be around. shes nice to everyone. she is a peacemaker and loves everyone. shes outgoing and has lots of friends. i can talk to her about everything, and i trust her with everthing. same goes for me, i know she can trust me and she tells me everything too. we have each others life stories and we love each other alot.. life is perfect.

happy birthday chloe i love you.