that is suspicious.

day #16: your first kiss,

there is a slight problem with this post... theres no story to it! i haven't had my first kiss. BUT it's a good thing, i'm only 13 years of age. what would you expect?


mediorce mall days.

it's a new tridition for me, india and lex.
we went the the mall with zero pennies
we window shopped for a while then decided to have some fun. so i'm gonna make a list of the food places we went to.

1. orange julius
2. flaming wok
3. another asain place
4. aurbys
5. charlies grilled subs
6. subway
7. chik-fil-a
8. ice berg
9. del taco
10. sabarros
11. cold stone
12. kara's chocolates
13. see's
14. the other chocolate place
15. moon pops
16. nordstroms cafee
17. the pretzel place
18. the OTHER pretzel place (yes there is two of them in the mall and there identical)
p.s. indy and lex. did i miss one?

(not to mention there was a random man saling cake and we got some free cake)

out of EVERY single place i just listed there was ONE that didn't give us food. by the time we left we had equal to a whole meal. now i know what your thinking half those places don't even give samples but all we had to tell them is 'were just having a really mediocre day.' that line is gold. aurbys gave us each a single motzerella stick. subway gave us each one piece of bacon. iceberg gave us each 2 fries but me and lex only got one because indy stole the other 4. del taco gave us a freakin free order of nachos (so un-called for. but i'm not complaining) ya this day was freakin awesome. no one else would get away with that. only us. we have some awesome ways..

it all starts with a dream.

#15: your dreams.

i've got lots of these. so i'm just gonna make a list.

get married in the temple
be good enough dancer to be on sytycd one day
have children
be the mom that all the kids friends love
attend the pulse
dance at TDC or center stage or vibe (or some other awesome place)
be best friends with my daughters
attend FIDM collage in L.A.
be a wedding planner or somthing in the fashion industry
be the person that EVERYONE loves cause i'm nice to everyone
name my first daughter teal
audition for american idol as a joke and make it on T.V. (good news, my dad would love if that happened so he already promised once i'm 15 if they go to l.a. for auditions he'll take me to them)
grow as a dancer and make it big. show the world the potential i have in me
get a six pack (i'm on my way)
run a marathon

there is more i obviously just can't think of. but enjoy this list for now(:



#14:what you wore today.

Well considering I was home sick today with strep throat I stayed in my pajamas all day which would be orange and white stripped boxer shorts and a Jonas brothers t-shirt. It was pretty attractive. Dont ever worry.


Oh so un-splendid.

#13: your week

Hmm last week was fabulous. This week has Been terrible. I have the worst worst worst sore throat in the world. It kills. No food sounds yummy. All I want is yogurt and chocolate milk (cause I am 5) not to mention I've discovered that im a little too spazzy, and creepy, and hyper, and overly to insane. I think most people just think that I'm strange. And it's all getting to me. I feel like no one likes it. And it's too hard to change. Also I missed the regininals for the drill compitition. :( and dance on tuesday for some reason was hard. I was not in a good mood and there was so much on my mind I basically just wanted to slouch down right there and just cry. I was in missery it was the weirdest feeling that I have never had before. And why am I posting at 11:21p.m. On a school night? Well today due to my sickness I took a long nap. Now I am awake with my throat feeling thick and covered in gunk theres a fire in my throat too. I sound like a man and I have a bad headache.

Obviously it's been rough.... I'm hoping tomarrow I get lucky.


We can take long walks through centural park.

#12: whats in your bag.

Well there's some things I just don't leave the house withouht. Like my pure seduction lotion. My rose salve. And my hard candy lippy gloss. Then along with the nessasarie things I also have 20 tubes of lip gloss. Berry kiss hand sanatizer(public soap smells like crap, so I prefer my victoria's secret hand sanny) My plastic hand (this is used for my creepin on the humans around me) Gum. Money. Gloves. Coconut lime verbena body spray. My glasses. Random drawing from savannah stika and bobby pins.

It's quite the wonderful collection.


mom and dad plus 6?

nicole is the oldest of us all, she 23 and is happily married to colter thaxton there one year mark is in 2 months. time goes by fast. she is tiny. ok, i'm small right? yes this lady that is 10 years older then me is about 1 1/2 inchs taller. she is 100 pounds... maybe. she has got a cute little pixie cut and cute hazel eyes. 
shes a beaut

tyler.. oh i miss this ginger. he is 20 soon to be 21 and lives in orem going to school at UVU. he is gonna be a fire fighter and will graduate fire academy around august? i think. he isn't around much. but i really really wish he was. he is absolutely halarious. he loves pooping, taking pictures of poop, sending people those pictures, he loves sharing with us the fact about 'having to take a dump' and when his poop is extra big he won't flush it just for fun. he loves the gym and lifting weights. lets face it. he's a guy.

his favorite christmas present... go figure.

heather. oh what would i do without her? she is tylers twin, aka she is also 20. she should be my twin though. we look alike, we talk alike, and we act alike. our personalitys and our faces are the same. she is creepy but mostly loves watching me be creepy. she recently moved home from california. i died while she lived down there cause i missed her so so much. she's beautiful and halarious. she is a major shopaholic. no biggy.

i hope i continue to always look like her so i can be this pretty one day.

lexi. shes a major noob. but i love her. she is 15 years of age. in 2 short months she will be 16. the most exciting age. she can drive and date. she is counting down the days. she loves myth busteres and fear facor. she also likes watching hannah montanna with me. me and her both hate math to an extreme. me and her have some wild dance parties. she is so cute and funny. me and her tell each other everything, even though we fight daily we truely do love each other. so it's all good. (oh p.s. she has got a really good blog, i vote next megan able. check it out. All you need is love.)

lovely lady.

jaxon, j-dizzle, ginger midget, j-man, baby za za, oswald, j, bunghole billy. he's a boy with many nicknames. he is 10 years old and this little man humors me. he was the most adorable baby in the world (as well as lexi) one day it's only gonna be me and him at home with our parents. and we will have tons of cute nieces and nephews running around. this boy is in love-when  i say in love i mean IN LOVE- with football and any other sport. his dream is to be in the NFl. he has been playing tackle football since 1st grade. sience he was 6. insane right? little brothers do get annoyoing at times. but thats expected. and i love him anyways.
the ginger on christmas. i was really shocked that he needed another ball.

were the kids of the hill family and were strange. no biggy.

no one can break my style.

#10: what you wore today.

so day number 10 was supossed to be on thursday. i had a picture of my outfit and everything. then i have been way to lazy to post. so now i owe you 5 posts from the 30 day thing. so i'll do better. i swear. 

the awkard photo of my outfit:
brown leather jacket. denim high-waisted skirt with silver buttons down the front. blue ruffly floral shirt gray leather boots with the curly hurr.
shh. this is actually a dress (the 'shirt' and 'skirt' are really attached. but i will soon be un-attaching them. how? no idea.


and courtney


just watch... just watch

baby theres a shark in the water

#9: your beliefs.

 ok so yes this is my second post for the day. but that's cause i missed yesterday. so i thought i would make up for it. (:

ok this one has to be number one (but the rest are in no order!)
1. the church of jessus chirt of latter day saints.
  i know it's the true church. deal with it.
2. fashion explains your whole personality
3. it's ok to be creepy at times

ya that was me about 2 years ago. i was still a creep back then.

4. familys are forever (if married in the temple.)
my castel

5. you can have more then one best friends
6. guys don't matter while your young
7.utes dominate
8.keds. not vans.
9. boots are the best kind of shoes
and last.
10.  it is ok to live in boxers

in case you are wondering. the shirt was longer then the pants.

theres something 'bout the way the street looks when it's just rained.

#8: a moment

hmm.... there has been  a lot of moments that i have had... so i don't really know what to write about. i guess we will make it simple.

i remember once when i was tired i layed on my couch to watch a walk to remember and i fell asleep..... on the couch.

ya.. it was a wild night.


you and i

#7: your best friend.

i got plenty of besties so this is a toughy. yes of coarse i have my literal 'best friends' but i don't want any hard feelings. so i won't really go into that. i have my different 'groups' of friends. so if you even the slightest bit interested i guess i will introduce you to those different 'groups'

first the cheer girls:
LOVE them. lets say out of all the other cheer teams in utah we were the creepiest. it was good. we had the best since of humor and i think we had the funnest for different reasons then them, we were crazy, insane, spazzi, lound, and of course creepy. but we loved it. it was great. mann i will really really miss these ladies next year. our team was deffinitally the best.

next the yearbook girls:
oh this class is good. lets just say we make everyone feel really awkward in the halls. if we are not working on our pages for yearbook we are roaming the hall taking pictures (like the one above) we find kids and make them feel as awkward as possible. we also like to go to the class rooms that have the big long windows on there doors and we just dance insanely. or we chill in the bathroom until someone comes in. and well we make them feel super awkward too. its a really grand time. karina isn't super awkward or creepy. but i still love her. she just laughs, and understands why we like it so  much. it's all good.

school group #1:
ok so these girls are some of my faves. choe, tara, karina, theresa, carli, and bree (brianne is not in this photo. but she fits in the group) anwere kinda spazzy and insane. we like harassing people (mostly because i encourage them) and maybe they don't really harass people.... but they watch me harass people. were mostly party people, but sometimes we have good long talks and laughs. it's all fun.

school group #2:                  
this group is pretty fun too. when i am with them i'm mostly still just as spazzi. but they just make fun of me. cause this group is more mellow. karina's usual type. i think she likes them most cause it gets overwhelming for her being around me and our other crazy friends. lots of the time this group can be mixed with the other girls i talked about. but not always. sometimes it's just us.


school group #3:
karina, rylan, and erika. when i'm with these girls we usually play ping pong. drink coke and cream soda. pet erikas fish. watch movies. talk pictures. listen to music. and talk. were pretty calm. but i love these girls a lot(: there amazing in everyway possible. there so nice (not to mention beauitful) and i know they care for me just like i care for them!


i think she looks stunning in this picture. lets just say as well as karina she is involved in baisically every group out there. she is one of my only girls that will creep with me. she is fearless. i love her so unbelievably much.

ok so there is alot of other girls too. like mikayla, skylee, kate, sarah, kennedy you know just random people. but i don't really have pictures of us. anyways these are the main groups. i love em' so for now enjoy my explinations on these  'groups' while my actual 'best friend' will stay un-reveled.


goodnight and goodbye

#6: Your day

ok today was the typical sunday. sleep in, eat loads, watch t.v. stay on the computer. a.k.a do nothing productive and end the day with a very unsatisfied fat feeling.
so is it cheating to tell you about yesterday instead? well who cares, even though you probably won't even bother to read it i am gonna tell you about it anyways.

i woke up at 10:00 to an empty house. ate some pop tarts, watched an episode of 4 weddings,
by 11:00 i decided to get ready.
by 12:30 i was ready for the day and my family was finally home.
at 1 i left for a nice little lunch and chat with kylee and karina.
by 3 i was at the mall
by 6:30 i was once again home alone with new clothes and less money.
then followed laziness
by 9 the family was home and me and my sisters took a nice little trip to wal-mart to buy 7 lip glosses.
then me and heather had a nice long chat and the day concluded with showering and falling asleep to he is we.

i guess yesterday was kinda of fun.


and the greatest of these is love

day #5: your deffinition of love

"True love is not so much a matter of romance as it is a matter of anxious concern for the well being of ones companion."
Gordon B. Hinckley - Quote Book

love this quote. it's true. love i would say isn't just thinkging someone is attracitve, some of you may say 'i know, he/she needs to be nice too." but i still think it's more then that. someone you get along with well. someone that truely cares for you and just wants you to be happy. someone that has seen you mad/upset moods and someone that has seen your happy moods and still cares for you. someone who understands all your feelings. someone who can finish your sentences. and someone who wants to make you happy every day, someone who loves being around you and knows how to make you happy. i don't have expirence with love. but i still have my beliefs in it.

so i am not going to copy and paste the whole talk. but you should read gordon b hinkleys talk:And the greatest of these is love.

you might just like it.


i've had the time of my life and i owe it all to you.

Dearest karina; you are 14 years of age today. i.love.you.
 i'm so sad you had to live like 6 months without me in your life. while i only had to live like 2 months with you. you were my very first friend and you will most likely be my last friend too. when every one else leaves you'll be there for me.
 you have helped me through every little thing i face. i tell you things before i tell my mother sometimes. we are closer then ever. i am greatful to have you. i know you truely care for me. which is good, cause i honestly care for you. your always there when i am sad. even if it's only through texting your there. but in person i know i can cry on your shoulder. and you will listen to me no matter what the problem is. i'm happy to say your the longest friendship i have ever had. and yet out of all my friends i've most likely had the least amount of fights with you. me and you are stuck like glue. nothing can break our friendship.
when we are older we usually look back at our past and think 'i  cannot believe me and that person were friends' because as we grow up we change. but me and you? nope. we will never change. we will always be besties.
we talk for hours and hours. we have had so much laughs, and tears. thanks for being my other half, my better half. my supporting shoulder. my gorgeous sister from another mister. i love you.

"i know everything about you, i know i can't live without you. i'm only up when your not down don't wanna fly if your still on the ground it's like no matter what i do, you drive me crazy half the time the other half i'm only tryin to let you know that what i feel is true. i'm only me when i'm with you........ i don't try to hide my tears, my secrets or my deepest fears through it all no body gets me like you do. you know everything about me, you say that you can't live with out me...........when i'm with any body else it's so hard to be myself. and only you can tell............. and i'm only me, who i wanna be, well i'm only me when i'm with you"

it's our song(: happy birthday you 14 year old. i love you. never.ever.ever.ever. forget it. if you ever need anything. you know where i live.

Cause i feel fat.

So i went one day without posting. so i feel like i can post for two days today. right?

#4: what you ate today.

ok so over the break i ate CRAP. so i decided i will do better this next month. limit myself. i have been doing awesome. well except for today. i caved. but my self control will start up again sooner then soon. like later tonight. so i figured for right now i'll just right about breakfast and lunch. i won't explain all the cookies and cookie dough that was consumed after school.

breakfast. simple. water and frosted cherrios

lunch. well i had a clemintine and fruit snacks. cause my juice box didn't sound appitizing. and i really don't like lunchables. there like rubber food. but my mom packed me one. so i gave it away. haha.

was that post boring enough?

oh p.s. sometimes foods class makes me not like food so much. one serving of yougurt has 100calories. 1ounce of  cream cheese has 100calories. there is 6ounces in one serving.

danggit. i use to like cream cheese.

daddies smart and your the prettiest lady in the whole wide world.

Day #3: your parents

i'm so glad to have these people in my life? wanna know why?

well for the mother, i don't know where to begin. She is amazing in everyway possible. she is beautiful and halarious. i love when she gets in her hyper moods and when she makes up pick up lines that make no sense 'you must be a ear nose and throat docter cause i wanna look in your ears" yea. see why i love when she gets hyper? she is 46. will she kill me after i posted her age in public? why yes she will. but i must say she doesn't look that old. she is beautiful. she is easy to talk to and she helps me with all my problems, i can talk to her about everything. and you know the usual stuff she cooks. she cleans. does my laundry. i just couldn't love this lady more.

Me and the lady herself

And the old man. Well he is halarious too. i know i can be spastic and random and tease him. he does the same to me. once he told me i was dropped off by fed ex. i tell him he is creepy. all is good. we laugh. this man i know i can also talk to about anyting and he will always understand. i couldn't love him more. i know he cares for me a lot. he always makes me smile everyday when i come up the stairs all ready for school and he greats me by saying 'hello beauty' (is this his seriousness, or still sarcasim?) (:
he is 9 years old. i swear to it, my little brother and his friends are always playing with him. and then when my dad decides to spend time with me he takes me on dates to the gas station and buys me an icey. we have a great relationship. Besides his funniness he is so kind and caring. he helps everyone in need and is so selfless. couldn't love the man more.


there you go making my heart beat again.

stuck like glue= my. favv. song.
one fine saturday afternoon i was laying in my bed watching music videos on vevo as soon as my video was done a little sign popped up that said 'related videos' i was bored and had nothing else to do so i watched a few of them, one being stuck like glue. ohhh it was love. here is the music video. don't worry i watch this video at least 3 times a day.. enjoy (:


Boy i be lovin you.

Day #2: Your first love,

well i am 13, you think i haven't had my first love? wrong. jude. law.

Wanna hear the story? well here it is, one fine summer evening i was home all alone waiting for the family to come home from a vacation which i did not attend (cheer practice. hard workin stuff) and i found myself getting rather bored, it was late and i was getting a little scared. so i decided it was nothing a good chick flick couldn't fix, the holiday was sitting next to the T.V. this was a movie i hadn't yet watched. so i popped it in. well lets say it was love at first sight, as soon as he was on the screen i knew he was the man i'd marry.

remember, it's only acting. him and cameron diaz don't really have a thing for each other.. (:

ohhh baby.
look at him, do you balme me? he's not normal. normal human beings just don't have those good of looks. and well besides him the movie it'self is still just amazing. i really advise you to watch it.


Were gonna party like it's 2012

School dances.... i'm pretty sure i'm in love. Me and my crew like to dress up, cause it makes the kids jealous that there not as cool. And not to mention when we attend these dances we just harass people what better then harassing kids while we are decked out? Ya nothing is better. So me, jade, karina, and brianne baby got together after school and a little make-up went on, trying on our clothes close to older decades. and BAM. this is what happened.
Well karina looks cute...... haha

Mee. to the pee.

Cute jadee

lookin snazzi.

the spazzz.

we sometimes think we are hott.

Any ways i must say. We know how to party. The best part of the night is when Kaitlin and Bailie stole me away and chose people for me to harass and i would do this really loud obbnoxious scream that sounded like a dinosaur. how did i get my lungs to make such a noise? Don't ask, cause i got no idea. but it was awesome. anyways most people at the school hate us since we most likely bugged them this fine evening.... but hey i enjoyed my time.. i also enjoyed my time afterwards when me and bree had that one sleepover. the one where we got loopy. i'm not sure how much i remember of that night. but here's some pictures that might help you understand how that went.

you are probably still confused... it's ok i am too.