hand clapping.hip shaking.heartbreaking

going to wal-mart dressed like this is enjoyable
great ol puddles

newport temple:)
so this post has been just a bit delayed. but here it is, our great adventures at california. lets just say it rained the whole time, thank goodness for rainboots. considering we found puddles that almost reached the top of our wellies. we also went to disney land. yep rained. i still wore mascara, after going on my first ride (caliifornia screaming) i had the mascara running down my cheeks. learning expirence, don't wear mascara on a rainy day in the land of disnsey. but we did get to do baptisms for the dead in the newport temple, that was sure fun. me and heather did stay up very late playing angry birds on our ipods. thats when we realized jaxon talks in his sleep, thats when we began talking to him, and biting his ears, thats when he tried to punch us, yes he was still asleep as he attempted such harsh things. ya i guess you could say california was kind of enjoyable.. 


Walking in a winter wonder land.


I was freaking out when i saw this, i have been waiting all year. but with utah luck it'll magicaly be gone tomarrow morning. All i need is time to sled, then it can dissapear because by then i'll be ready for it to be gone anyways. I'm so mad we didn't have a white christmas though. That is all i wanted out of this winter, thats all i ever want. Because i usually hate going out in the snow. But on christmas there HAS to be snow. it's just not the same without it. So this christmas i tried my hardest not to look out the window or else i knew i would be deeply depressed.
But speaking of christmas, it's the greatest time of the year and this year was magnificiant. I'm talking TONS of new clothes, cellular phone (HECK YA:)) heather now lives back home with me, and most of all my whole family was here together all safe and sound.

My great 84 year old grandma came to stay with us over christmas break.. Man oh man was that just wonderful or what? Haha she is so spunky and full of additude i love it. here are some funnies of our her stay. Courtney:"hey grandma, do you like my wall paper?" Grandma:"ehh not found of it." Courtney:"oh why not" Grandma:"well i don't hate it but it doesn't turn me on."

(Lexi opens some high heels) g:oh my golly Lexi:"do these turn you on? Grandma:"mmm hmmm" (she says as raising her eyebrows.

grandama:"she is such a ding bat"    
grandma:"he's a panty waist" heather:"whats a panty waist?" grandma:"a sissy"  

my grandma also tripped me as i walked past her, she told heather she thought i was quite discusting, and she told me i was too immature for a cell phone... oh my she is my favorite person in the whole intire world. When she dies..... i also will die.


Well on the way back from california, my little brother, my momma, and my daddy got in a car accident while i was in a different car with my two sisters heather, and lexi. it was scary but were blessed. it could of been a lot worse. Were blessed. They all had bruises and scraps, and my dad had a broken collar bone and stiches (his head broke the window) but there ok, it was mostly just traumatizing. seeing them all in the hospital on stretchers mostly worried me. but were just so lucky that it wasn't worse.

The car (obviously


Lets get rich, and give evevryone nice sweaters and teach them how to dance.

I'm in california, be very very jealous. Brianne is making fun of me because she thinks i'll return with a really bad tan line on my butt... Little does she know i would LOVE to return with major tan lines. And yes my skin is very olive, and gets tan super easily, just whenever i'm out in the sun. But there is zero sun here, it's rainy. Which is ok considering my momma bought me some rain boots, but it's also depressing we will not be swimming in the beach, but thankfully we can still walk in the sand, barefoot, takin pictures with the sisters. Yes this is the most heavenly thing in the world. Which is why YOU should be very very jealous. Well i hate car rides, but this time wasn't too bad. i had a princess coloring book to intertain me. Don't worry, yes i am 5.

So Megan Abel. Does she know me? Nope, she does not, but i stalk her blog, and i'll soon be stalking her facebook. But i thank her, i read her blog every possible moment. Which means when i'm bored i'm not on facebook. Which is a very wonderful thing, lets just admit it were ALL addicted to facebook. And we all want to break this addiction, i know i'm kinda nerdy but i love blogs. I sit in my room on this wonderful little invention i like to call an i-pod touch and i just read blogs, from there latest post to there first post they had written 2 years earlier. So Megan Abel, you blog a lot, but i read your blog... a lot. I'm getting there and soon i will be able to say i've read the whole thing. And she is the reason i haven't updated my own blog in a while. But if any of you guys love blogs and wanna break the facebook addiction. Read her blog. http://xaxtwistedxfairytalex.blogspot.com/


Love is on it's way.

So i was debating.. Naming my blog Love is on it's way, or Crazy beautiful life. Obviously you now see what my decision was. But i just have to say, were young.. Love is on it's way! We don't need to worry about it now. The future will come, and we can go through all the guys we want :] I promise life is just funner (yes i choose writing funner over more fun)being with your girl friends and not worring about the guys! I think now as were young we should just live life to our fullest, and in the future when it matters we can worry about dating. Why go through break ups, and trying to get over boys when in Jr. high all we need to be doing is having fun spazzing out and being total freak shows. I must say with lots of my own pracitce.. it's fun! I personally think we should take advantage of the fact we don't need to be worrying now about 'finding that perfect someone' Many of jr. high students don't take advantage of it at all. In the future we'll have fun dating.. But now haveing fun with your girls is all that matter!!

This ones for the Girls! :]


The Begining.

Hey kiddos. This is the begining to my blog.. I want my blog to just be about my life and the great stories that go along with it. My Blog is called "Crazy Beautiful Life" yes this is a name of a song, by the one and only Ke$ha. I thank my fantabulous cousin Breanna Mitchell for introducing me to her and her amazing songs :] But that song really does apply to my life "I'm in love alright with my crazy beautiful life, with the partys the disaters...." My life is crazy, and wonderful and i love it! Yes is deffinitally do have some fun times, and i have some 'disaters' But what would be life without all the trials? 8th grade has easily been the worst and best year. It's been hard, but hey i've made it this far :] i hope all you yayhoos enjoy this blogg and enjoy hearing about all my extreme extravaganza's... I'll start out with a great one... Meeting the One and only Santa Claus this past friday night....
he's a keeper :]